NUFORC UFO Sighting 44746

Occurred: 1975-02-15 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-07-04 10:45 Pacific
Duration: 40 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Mukwanago/Genesee (between), WI, USA

Shape: Chevron
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Detailed sighting of Boomerang Shaped silent craft in Wisconsin in mid-70's

This either happened in 1974 or 1975. I don't remember the exact date but know it was winter and during the one year period I dated the passenger in my car during the sighting. I was driving northeast on I-43 in Wisconsin from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater via East Troy and heading to a restaurant in the suburbs of Milwaukee. This section of the highway is "in the middle of nowhere" and quite dark with only farm houses and the stars for illumination. You would see another car maybe every minute or two. The girl I was dating at the time, who attended UWW, was the passenger.

As we drove on I-43, we noticed directly ahead, maybe 5-10 miles distant, a single white spotlight heading towards us at a low altitude, as if it was a helicopter flying low with a bright spotlight on it, but the light was only aimed straight ahead - not sweeping the ground. The light was moving towards us as we drove towards it, and it was also following the highway - but in the opposite direction. As we got closer more details revealed themselves, and we could now discern three lights, a red blinking on one "wing-tip" and either blue or green blinking on the other, with the white light in the center-front edge. We now thought it was an airplane, due to the light pattern, but were curious as to why it was so low and flying very slowly. As it got closer yet (within a mile?) we could see more and more lights in a "V" shape and began to think it might be an advertising blimp. When we were moments away from driving under the aircraft, we could see all of the details. I was a huge (300' wide?) bommerang shaped craft. It was a dark color, and the shape could only be ascertained by it's blotting out of stars, it's slightly different shade of black from the night sky, and a small amount of residual glow on it's surface from it's own lights. All of the visible lights were on the front leading edge of the object. There were the previously mentioned red and green/blue blinking lights on each wingtip, the white spotlight-type light shining forward from the point in front of the boomerang, and many, many small christmas tree-like white lights along the leading edges of both wings and filling the spaces between the three principle lights. These white lights were all evenly spaced from each other. My recollection is there were maybe 25 or so of these tiny white lights giving shape to the front edge of the boomerang shape. At this point we knew we were seeing something extraordinary.

As we came underneath it I pulled to the left hand shoulder of I-43 and slowed to a stop. We both opened our doors and leaned out of the car. The craft had stopped directly over us! I turned off the engine and our lights, the craft was completely silent and hovering right over us. If you took your arms and put them straight over you and at 45 degree angles, that is how much of the sky it took up - enormous. After maybe a minute it dawned on us that if it was stopped directly over us, then it was aware of us and watching us. We were torn between fear and a "deer-in-the-headlights" urge to keep watching. Suddenly, this huge craft started doing what I could only describe as "tumbling" while directly above us. The lights started moving in a way that suggested it was either majestically pirouetting in place or doing some sort of extreme manuever. This lasted about 15-30 seconds. Just as we were deciding we should get the heck out of there, the craft righted itself and started slowly, silently "drifing" off at about a 70 degree heading from the direction we were pointed up the highway, which means it changed it's course from following I-43 southwest to heading almost straight east across the farm fields. As it started drifting off and was maybe only a quarter of a mile away, I started slowly driving again and trying to watch it out the passenger window. As I was weaving and driving very erratically from trying to watch it, my friend said I should keep my eyes on the road and she would keep watching it. Just after she said this, a huge flash of white light, like a lightning flash or a huge flashbulb, lit up the road and countryside all around us. It was just a single flash, like a single strobe flash. I looked at my friend and started to say "Did that come from the...?" and she nodded yes! She said she was looking straight at it when it happened, and it looked like a searchlight was beamed at us, but only flashed instead of staying on. She didn't say exactly from where on the craft the light came.

Immediately after this light flash the craft did the next, very odd manuever - and one that makes me think there may have been two of them traveling parallel and side by side. As it drifted off, the lights would suddenly wink out entirely and simultaneoulsly come on again on an identical object flying next to it and perhaps 200 yards away. Then the second craft's lights would wink out and the first craft's lights would wink on again. This would happen perhaps every 5 seconds and the visual effect was like there was one craft that could somehow instantaeously displace itself from side to side a few hundred yards, but all the while continuing it's slow forward airspeed uninterrupted. It was a very weird sight and that night, and for perhaps a year after, I believed there was only one craft that was somehow "displacing" itself as it flew. It was only later that I figured out it could have been done with two craft, and that maybe the weird "tumbling" that I saw was the visual effect of two craft doing manuevers while one was directly above the other.

As the object got further and further away, we finally arrived at our restaurant destination about 30 minutes later. The craft was in view the entire time, but was now very far away, maybe 15-20 miles, and appeared to be circling some radio or tv towers in the far distance. We watched from the parking lot of the restaurant and pointed out the lights to some other patrons getting in and out of their cars, but at this point the lights were far away and very mundane looking and the people must have thought we were crazy. In the restaurant my friend and I compared notes and that is when many of the details of that night became cemented in my memory. We were trying to figure out what to do and I ended up calling some agency, on the lobby pay phone, but I don't remember who I called. My recollection is that it was the tower at Milwaukee's Billy Mitchell Airport, but for some reason I can't remember.

As the years have gone by I have told this story to many friends and by pure chance saw the book NIGHT SIEGE in a bookstore in St.Paul, MN over a decade later. I passed on buying it that day, but finally did in the late 90's. I am now fascinated by any TV shows I see on UFO's - especially boomerang or triangle shaped ones. I've also noted that my sighting pre-dates many of these other sightings. If this is some military craft, I can assure you that it was already in full operation in Wisconsin in the mid-70's!


Witness indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2005-07-05

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