NUFORC UFO Sighting 44310

Occurred: 1990-11-14 19:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-06-08 10:47 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: New London, NH, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object

formation of lights pulls manuevers then shoots off

This event happened some years ago in the 90's. I cannot recall the exact date only that i know it happened a week after reported seeing a strange "crash" of an unknown object on Mt Kearsarge in Warner NH. I am trying to find articles in the newspapers to get the date it was definately covered in the papers {i can find nothing online). The Civil Air Patrol searched the mountain and found nothing. I distincly remember this being late October or early to mid November. there were two witnesses to this event. myself (at the time i was in my earl 20's and going to school I am now 33 years old and work for a high tech company in the GIS field). My Mother ( a retired school teacher) saw the last half of the objects sighting, their manuevers and their sudden speeding off. I had also been on the phone with my brother who was away at college and i was describing to him what i was seeing. We both agreed that no planes could ever pull off the manuevers these did in such a tight formation and then suddenly shoot off like they did.. This sighting happened for well over 10 minutes. I reported this to MUFON some years ago in NH but never got a response back. I am suprized nobody else had seen this or if they did they never reported it? All these years I have wondered this. I have no reason to make this up and what i saw is what i saw and i just want to find out what the hell this was and why it happened a week after the report of a crash on MT Kearsarge. Hopefully someone else will read this and will say "I saw it too". I wish i had been able to photgraph these lights. But i can also draw what i saw quite clearly. Its something you don't forget.

on to what we saw: It was around 7:15pm on a clear calm fall evening. I had gone outside to look around at the sky since it was so clear and it was not too cold. After about 10 minutes outside I started to notice something through the leafless trees as I faced South. There was a bank of red lights that suddenly shifted to green and then they went out. I thought that was rather strange. It seemed to me to possibly be the edge of a huge black featureless object but i cannot be certain because i did not get a full clear view.

The main objects appeared directly south of me across a field . I would say they must have been about a mile away. Size based on distance they were about the size of a dime. [by this time it was around 7:30pm where i opened the backdoor and called my mother to come see this careful to keep observing] There were two formations of yellowish lights (almost like incandecent lightbulbs). each formation was in a rough upside down scewed L shape they moved at the same speed slowly together holding their formation. There were 12 total objects with 6 in each formation. At first i thought they were two solid objects until they pulled their manuevers. I heard no sound whatsoever. Then several of them did some incredible manuevers shifting their position in the formation. That part really freaked me out. they then shot off at an incredible speed.[this sequence lasted roughly 1 minute] My Mother only saw the few moments when they did some anomalistic motion and then shot off at high rate of speed (near blink of an eye speed). I was a little shaken with what i saw and it still sorta gives me the creeps today. I travel I-89 frequently at night and see lots of strange stuff.


Witness indicates that date of the incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2005-06-20

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