Occurred: 1955-10-03 06:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-04-01 11:21 Pacific
Duration: 2 Hours
No of observers: 2

Location: Stanley (near) (Canada), NB, Canada

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Electrical or magnetic effects

This is a true story as given to me

I wrote this from information given me by a person I have known for more than 20 years. I think he would talk to someone about it. I only corrected his grammer. The story is his and I believe him.

A True New Brunswick Experience Time: About 4:15 to 6:30 am Date: Early in the morning of the first Saturday in October 1955.

A point to remember: We were very excited, so the estimated times, and dimensions of the craft, made and mentioned in this article are no doubt inaccurate, especially the vertical height of the craft.

My friend and I left home very early in the morning to go hunting for the day. Needless to say, our hunting trip was cancelled. I never hunted again.

We parked the car at the edge of a field about four o'clock in the morning and leaned back to get some sleep before daylight arrived. At about four fifteen, directly in front of us, a light appeared. It looked like the cabin of a small two-seater helicopter which was making a very loud noise, not unlike the sounds of engine trouble.

The light came over the top of the hill immediately in front of us, perhaps a hundred or so yards away. We were in a long narrow valley, surrounded on our right by woods, behind us slightly to our left by a high wooded hill, to our left by a clear valley and immediately to our front by what appeared to be a steep wooded hill. To our left at about forty-five degrees toward our front, there was a large barn, presumably used by local farmers for hay storage. No other buildings or structures were visible, although on another road was a small community, not more that a half-mile or so away.

The lighted, noisy vehicle appeared to be quite small. I realized later that it was because of the time of day. At four fifteen or so in the morning, the sky was very black; and everyone knows that it's always darker just before the dawn. In any case, the lighted area was all we could see, the rest of the vehicle being hidden by darkness.

In a few seconds the noise diminished to nothing; no noise at all! Then, the craft moved very slowly out and over the field to a point just behind the barn; slightly to the right of the barn when looking from our vantage point. To us, it appeared to be about one hundred fifty feet more or less from our car and about fifty to sixty feet from the ground. It seemed to be not very much higher than the peak of the barn but, in appearance it seemed to be at least twice the size of the barn itself. The craft just sat there for a while, appearing suspended in the air; no noise! Nothing! Just sitting there! Imagine our awe! To the best of our knowledge, no earthlings as yet had such technology. I'm still not convinced that technology like that exists in our world even today. Something to think about! Anyway, we were so awe-struck that we completely forgot, or abandoned, our hunting trip. We just sat there and watched for something to happen. We were not disappointed. After a period of time, probably fifteen minutes to a half-hour, things started to happen.

First, we noticed the ship's appearance. It was shaped like this: two saucers, the top one being inverted, and the two saucer edges being separated by a vertical external side which appeared to be about four or five feet high; not unlike the appearance of a hamburger. The lower part appeared rounded and sloping with a flat bottom.

Above this bottom section, what I would call section two was a straight-sided cylinder with a brushed aluminum or leadish appearance, the same as all the other external sides.

On top of this section, and no doubt part of it, a section not more than a foot or two high was visible; looking like one continuous glass. There was still darkness, so perhaps the glass just appeared that way in the dim light. In any case, I was not able to discern whether the glass surface was clear or opaque.

It seemed like another fifteen or twenty minutes before this windowed area came to life. There came from behind the windows, a series of lights, changing from red, to pink, to yellow, to blue to green, to blue, to yellow, to pink, to red; all the time rotating around the craft, so that when the colours came around again, we did not get the same sequence each time. Some colour was always visible; that is to say, the colour series was long enough to extend completely around the craft without breaks. These lights continued until just a few seconds before the craft departed.

Section three was immediately on top of this rotating coloured area. It was also a windowed area, separated from section two by a vertical side of not more than three or four feet in height, and which appearance has already been described. These windows were wide panels, perhaps four or five feet in height and perhaps six or seven feet long; each of the panels being separated by a single vertical strip; no doubt some kind of support. These windows were definitely opaque, and through which we could discern a lighted area behind the glass panels. The light was what could be described as 'bright white', not unlike that of our own brightest fluorescent lamps, only much brighter; more like halogen light. The top of this section was rounded, ending in a flat top.

The fourth, the top section, was much rounded, being topped with a short, round vertical area of perhaps four or five feet in diameter and about a foot and a half to two feet high, topped with a rounded, tapered roof with a flat top of a diameter of about a foot or two at the top.

Since we were so amazed at what we were seeing, we decided to attempt a contact. We flashed the car headlights a few times. No reply. Tried again. No reply. Tried again and the lights in the craft's lighted window panel area dimmed and brightened, so we took that as a response. After a few more trials, we knew they were replying to our efforts because we had changed the number of times our lights were flashed and we counted the number of times their light dimmed. The counts were identical every time. Real beings were inside that thing! Amazing! Not of this world! We don't have that kind of technology! Maybe Japanese? German? Russian? British? American? Australian? Canadian? Naw! The Cold War is on! Couldn't be from this earth. We don't have those capabilities. (Canada had what they called a flying saucer at the time. It was more like a hovercraft without the skirts, driven by fans and only managed to get a few feet off the ground.) Naw! Can't be from here! No one our earth has technology like that! Suddenly, silhouettes of three or four beings (I think three), appeared in the opaque windows. We could see their shapes, but because the glass appeared opaque or frosted, we were unable to tell what their hands or faces looked like, but their appearance looked like us! Humans? Don't know! Can't see through the glass. Exasperated! Boy, how I felt! Overjoyed, but very small in a very large universe! Isolated! - Want to make contact and go on board! Not my friend though. He was too awe-struck and very scared. He just wanted to get out of there; right now! I finally convinced him that I needed to know more about this craft and see the beings inside, and perhaps even meet them. I so desperately wanted to go inside. He finally agreed to stay until daylight providing no-one came out of the craft. OK. Great! In regards to the size of the craft, or should I say ship, I would estimate it to have been about fifty to sixty feet in diameter at its widest point across the saucer edge and perhaps twenty-five to thirty feet high, from the very top to the flat bottom. I believe that today, researchers would call that a scout ship.

After a few more minutes of flashing headlights and getting responses each time in the same sequence from the lights in the cabin, their replies suddenly stopped. All was very quiet for a time.

Suddenly, there was an extremely bright flash which caused us to cover our eyes, which flash appeared to come from the exact center of the flat bottom of the craft. After what seemed like maybe fifteen to twenty seconds of extreme blackness, the whole valley lit up. The light was very bright; much brighter than daylight! We could see extremely well, the whole valley; brightly lit as far as we could see. It was easy to tell that the valley extended beyond our field of vision. This was a pure white light very difficult if not impossible to describe; much better and brighter and more pure than any light we have, even today. Wow! What an experience! The valley stayed brightly lit for at least five or six minutes or more, and then the light quickly faded into complete darkness in what seemed like only a few seconds. This period of darkness remained for what I would guess to be about five minutes or so, but we could still see the lighting behind those windows. No more of those human-like silhouettes were visible. Guess they were busy doing experiments or some other duties.

Soon, a bright shiny globe appeared from the exact center of the bottom of the craft, the same spot where the flash of light appeared. It lowered itself slowly about fifteen or twenty feet and then slowly moved to our left; then rising slightly faster in an arc, to a point above the craft, stopping behind and to the right of the craft as viewed from where we were positioned. It just sat there! Following over the next few minutes, several more globes appeared in like manner, finally positioning themselves slightly above, and to the side of the craft; each a distance away from craft and from each other, each at different heights. All of these globes were in positions that appeared to us to be some distance behind the craft.

These globes remained suspended in the air for well over what seemed to me to be a half-hour or more. There was no further action during that time except the dimming and brightening of the each globes' appearance from time to time; giving us the impression that it was a form of communication. Then, each globe returned to the craft, following each other in what appeared to be reverse order. I don't remember counting them, but think there must have been ten or twelve of them, each judged to be about two feet in diameter. Then, all was quiet for a while. The area around us was beginning to get brighter. Daylight was coming! It wasn't very long before we heard the loud 'clank, clank, clank' of what sounded like someone pounding on a steel pipe with a very heavy hammer. That lasted a minute or two.

A few seconds after the noise stopped, we heard (or should I say felt?), a very low frequency growling noise which quickly increased in pitch. It was not long going above our hearing range. It was then that we realized what it was that we heard; the sound of a gyro starting up! Of course, we could no longer hear the high-pitched whine of the gyro, so there was absolutely no sound whatever. The rotating coloured lights went out without warning and the craft immediately moved strait up in a vertical plane, until it appeared as only a bright dot in the morning sky, about the size of the head of a small pin. The dot stayed motionless until after the sun came up and hid it from our view.

Boy, sure would be interested in knowing how fast it really did move. Seemed to me to be a thousand miles an hour! Perhaps by knowing these facts, someone with more mathematical skills than I, might discover just how fast that craft really moved during its vertical climb.

I cannot forget that sudden upward movement. It was so rapid that we strained our necks in an attempt to follow its path. We did manage to follow the movement, but after all this time, I'm still paying for it. I know it took less than two seconds to reach that height, so the neck strain was very substantial. I still have sore muscles and an almost continuous pain in my neck from that experience, which remain with me almost constantly each and every day.

Anyway, it appears to me that no other type of contact was made between us and the occupants of the craft, at least as far as I know, although sometimes I'm not quite so sure. It was while watching that dot high up in the sky, hoping it would come back for me, that I felt very alone and totally abandoned! Left behind! Lonesome! Alone in the expanses of the universe! I felt like I belonged on that ship! Why did they leave me? Even today, I sometimes still feel that same way.

Well, it seems that even if no further contact was in fact made with us, they were still somehow able to influence or affect me. It was during this experience that I suddenly realized the I knew for a certainty that other worlds do in fact exist. We are not alone in the universe! I sometimes wonder if they were somehow able to convey to me the truth that other worlds really do exist, something that I have always believed from as far back as I can remember.

Another lasting gift also remains in effect. I can tell when these types of crafts are in our vicinity, which crafts I prefer to believe are interstellar spacecraft. Although not always visible to us, I can usually tell when one is nearby because of the tingling of my skin, being accompanied by that high-pitched whine which I can somehow hear. Yes, they are definitely here! They come around mostly at night and seem to have the ability to hide from our sight by means of some device as yet unknown to us. None the less, they are still in our midst, occasionally even in the daytime.

Since my friend is no longer living, there are no witnesses left but me. The incident was not reported because UFO reports were very common in the fifties, and were mostly considered to be bunk. Ridicule was just not our cup of tea! As for him, he remained totally afraid until his death as far as I know. He didn't even tell his own children, and wouldn't discuss it with anyone; not even me. Unbelievable! Maybe he thought they would come back to get him! I don't know. Sometimes I wish they had come back. I really would have liked to go with them, at least for a while. Still have that desire and would welcome the opportunity to go on board one of these crafts should an opportunity present itself.

On a couple of occasions I related parts of this experience to Mr. Stanton Friedman, a well known UFO investigator and a personal acquaintance of mine. He chose not to investigate. I thought several times that perhaps I should send a report to SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which has a world wide website on which such reports can be made. But, because of the time lapse, forty eight years already, any technology from that time period would undoubtedly not apply today and would therefore be redundant, so I decided against making that report as well.

It doesn't matter whether this related experience is believed by anyone other than myself or not. The fact is that it did happen, and it happened to me! From that time onward I have known that other worlds do exist, and they have beings shaped like us, and their technology far exceeds our own. These facts are true and I know that they are true! That's all that matters!


NUFORC is delighted to have this case on file, and we have invited the source of the report to appear on a radio program. We are grateful to the witness for sharing his sighting. PD

Posted 2005-04-16

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