NUFORC UFO Sighting 4221

Occurred: 1994-01-03 23:30 Local
Reported: 1998-07-09 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-4 minutes?
No of observers: 1

Location: Albuquerque (30-60 miles west of city), NM, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Saw triangular craft approaching from horizon from the N.W., approached slowly, silently, and low to the ground. Passed directly over our car as we drove west on I-40. Very large - 200-300 feet long, with circular thing in front on bottom. Saw beamwork, tubing, ducts, wiring, lights.

My husband and I were travelling on I-40 westbound from Alburquerque, New Mexico toward Arizona. We were approx. 30-60 miles west of Alburquerque at approx. 11:30 pm when I sighted a lighted object at the horizon line, northwest of us. I guess I must have noticed something unusual about it, because I became fixated on it. It was triangular in shape, with lights. I remember at least three lights at the point of triangle at front of craft and one on each back corner. It approached silently, at a very slow steady rate. I continued to stare at it, and the next thing I knew it was gliding directly overhead, over our vehicle and I-40. It was huge - I would say 200-300 feet long, and very low to the ground, about 3-5 telephone poles in height from the ground. I could clearly see the underside of the craft as it was illuminated. It was so big as it passed over it blocked out most of my view of the sky. I watched it by looking directly up through the windshield. It now appeared an elongated octogon-shape (rectangle with corners cut.) I was viewing the underside: There was a large circular thing in the front center, beamwork, ducts, tubes, wiring of some kind. I would say it was dark grey or black metal. As it glided across the highway heading southeast, and over the car eventually obstructing my view, I then looked through the driver's side rear window to continue watching it....but it vanished! Completely! I looked and looked, all over the sky--nothing! I continued to be alert and watch the sky as we drove that night, but never saw it or anything else unusual again. I should clarify that I was a passenger, sitting in the front seat. My husband was driving. I am sending sketches of what I saw via e-mail. Reactions: I had totally conflicting reactions to this event. The craft appeared mechanical in nature (lights, beamwork, even rivets) so it could have been some kind of military craft. HOWEVER...the craft was moving at an extremely slow speed. I would estimate my husband was driving about 60 m.p.h, and the craft was moving slower than that. It made no sound that I could hear. What is even more bizarre is that even though I viewed it approaching all the way from the horizon, for several minutes, and I strongly desired to tell my husband to look and pull over I did not. I did not say anything. I just watched it! There were other cars on the highway, and I could not believe they were not all pulling over and freaking out. They were all just travelling like everything was normal. Then it disappeared right after it went overhead! Something 200-300 feet long just disappeared! I was completely dumbfounded, and just remember continuing to watch the sky for the duration of drive that night. Although I thought I remembered saying something about it to my husband after it passed by, he had absolutely no recollection of the event at all, and said he did not see anything that night, that he must have been concentrating on driving. I think I did not bring up the subject and describe it in detail to him, including drawing a sketch, until we were in Florida a month later. How could he have NOT seen something as big as a football field fly directly over our vehicle that night, even if he was watching the road? If it was some secret military craft on a test flight, why would it travel over a major interstate slow and low to the ground, with lights and in plain view? I can't reason this through, and my reactions were definitely out of character. It has been perplexing me for a long time, and I've always wondered if anybody else on that highway that night also saw it. So I decided I should report it. I am now 33 years old, female, married, own my own small business, have a bachelor's degree, and currently live on the west coast. I wish my memory was clearer so I could remember more details - I am capable of drawing and wish I could offer more information.

Posted 1999-01-28

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