Occurred: 1970-12-24 00:00 Local
Reported: 2005-02-09 01:01 Pacific
No of observers: 1

Location: Colorado Springs (50 miles west of), CO, USA

Shape: Rectangle

Growing-up with aliens

The sighting that I am about to report took place many years ago when I was 16, the date was Christmas Eve 1970. My grandparents owned a very large and remote cattle ranch and our family had enjoyed a wonderful evening togather and all had long since retired for the evening. I was awakened out of a dead sleep for some reason. I had fallen asleep in the living room on the couch with a huge picture window directly behind me. It was a winter wonderland outside with nearly three feet of snow and a thin cloud bank that was draped over Pikes Peak off in the distance and magically lighted by a full moon. Feeling totally awake, I turned around to really take in this enchanting scene. Then, I saw something that I couldn't believe, a tiny cloud moved away from the moon and fully lighted the valley where our ranch house was nestled. Not more than four football fields out from the house I noticed a big black shadow being cast down onto our meadow. What made me take notice was that the shadow had perfectly straight lines on the snow. I then realized that this cloud which I couldn't see due to our overhanging porch had straight edges. Impossible, I thought! so, at 2:30 in the morning and 20 below zero, I step outside on the porch in my longjohns and gazed up. what I saw, I'll never forget, a massive black rectangle shaped object just floating over our meadow! I ran back into the house, jumped into my coat and snow boots and took off running across the meadow toward the craft. Within a matter of four minutes, I was standing directly under it and realized it was less than 300 hundred feet above me. This craft was silent and it had no lights or windows that I could see. It must have been 1500 feet long and 400-500 feet tall and 300 feet thick. I stood under that thing for as long as i could stand the cold. It did nothing. So, I finally just went back.

What was very strange about this was that the entire time I was looking at it I "felt" safe and somehow knew that "They" were mining for minerals. As I was growing up on the ranch there was an area on the ranch that you could not go to. Horses would refuse to go into this area and if I forced the issue they would go crazy and start bucking. I never could walk into that range of small mountains. If I did a very strange overpowering fear would sweep over me until I turned around and crossed that invisable boundry and instantly it would go away.I learned from the horses where the boundry line was and it never changed. For all I know it's still in place. I had numerous encounters with beings and craft on the ranch growing up. The most beautiful craft of all that I saw twice, was a golden teardrop shape. Always, coming or leaving this area that was around 3000 acres. It was common knowledge on the ranch about that location. It was a family joke that we always knew where the cattle and the horses weren't. When I was a kid I would take friends to the borderline and we would run into the area in an attempt to try and tease the aliens. I found out in short order that they weren't amused. Because, I began having terrible nightmares. I knew it was them so I went back to the boundry line and shouted to them that I was sorry and I wouldn't bother them again. That night the nightmares ended and so did my trips to the area.

You might say I've grown-up with aliens. I've seen them. Some look like us, others, the old wise ones are on average 7 feet tall with elongated skulls with blue translucent bodies. They are trillions of years older than we are and are very gental and loving. I have had two of them appear before me from time to time to check-in on me. They watched me grow-up as an only child on our huge very isolated ranch and I always could feel them protecting me when I was alone in the forest. They love us and consider us their children. They have come back now to help us through what is coming. They will soon introduce themselves to the world. That is why you are seeing so many ships. The blue beings don't need spacecraft, they are far more advanced. They travel by thought.

They have showed me what is coming. A global nuclear war that will distroy nearly all of America, Europe, Russia and China. There is an alien faction that is running the New World Order. But, they're no match for the "Blue Beings". They aren't here to stop it. They are here to pick-up the broken pieces and help us start to rebuild once again. The new center of growth and knowledge will be Venezuela. During the war that entire country will be covered by a protective dome of energy. If you want a good time-line watch very carefully what happens between Venezuela and the NWO. More and more there's going to be agression aimed at Venezuela by Bush and the NWO. Everyone will think it's for the oil. Not so, it's about "The City" There's a massive underground city built by a confederation of aliens hidden in the southern jungle of Venezuela preparing to re-build mankind. Tesla,Marconi and Fulcanille were involved. I have met personally, two high ranking Venezuelan officers who interface with "the City". The NWO knows full well about this city but, are powerless to do anything about it. My entire life has been about what I've just related starting with my first trip deep into the Venezuelan jungles in 1989 exploring for gold and diamonds. That is when I first learned of the city and was once again visited by the two "Blue Beings" who showed me what is coming. There is much more to this story, I've just hit the highlights.

I can only state that what I was shown in 1989, appears to be falling in line with what is now taking place. The NWO is looking for something, something that would give them power and control over the "Blue Beings", what they're looking for is hidden in the jungle. However, they will never find them and that is why they are doomed and there time is running out.

Posted 2005-02-22

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