NUFORC UFO Sighting 4178

Occurred: 1998-04-22 23:25 Local
Reported: 1998-06-25 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 2 min.
No of observers: 2

Location: Reno, NV, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Electrical or magnetic effects

We were driving down the road late at night when we saw a neon green light shoot across the sky and then it stopped on a dime. It hovered for about 30 seconds then shot off again.
It did that several times across the sky then seemed to disapear in to the mountains

We were driving down the highway at about 60 miles per hour when we saw a green ball of light. It was a round shape and it held it's shape the whole time. It was very quick to move through the sky then it stopped on a dime. It hovered as it seemed to look like it was going to fall but it didn't. Instead it shot across the sky again. It looked like it was observing people on the highway. It hovered over the highway for about 30 seconds then left the sky. We looked again and again for it but it did not come back to show its face. During the time that it hovered our car had went crazy. The windshield wipers went of and the radio went dead. The lights started to flash and it was very eerie. When it left the car went back to normal and we did not see the craft again. There is a airport nearby about 3 miles away but there were no planes going that late at night. It's a private airfield and there were no planes taking off that late at night.


We believe the witness intended a time of 23:25 hrs., and we have amended the time above. PD

Posted 1999-01-28

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