Occurred: 2005-01-14 18:00 Local
Reported: 2005-01-22 17:42 Pacific
Duration: about 20 min.
No of observers: 2

Location: Peru/Kokomo (near), IN, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail

Three bright orange colored objects accompanied by dozens of white lit objects appeared and then streaked across the sky.

My wife and I were traveling southbound on SR 29 and U.S 421 just west of Lafayette toward Peru when three relatively large orange and white colored spheres appeared south of us. Each of the bright spheres emerged, i.e. faded in, one at a time until all three were easily visible. They appeared to be very different from normal aircraft lights. We know that there are several airfields in the area, but these were not wing or tail lights from any aircraft I know. I can usually recognize those types of lights, since I used to be in the Air Force and had worked in the aerospace defense industry. Shortly after they emerged, they began to fade out in the order they appeared.

When they were visible, they seemed to have lined up in a straight line but were not evenly spaced apart. Along with these large bright lights we noticed what seemed to be dozens of smaller white lights flying around in no particular pattern that we could distingush. These lights were much smaller than the three big ones mentioned above but were even more intriguing to us. We noticed that these lights would streak across the sky from east to northwest, south to north, and west to east, some in a straight and level flight pattern, some in a random pattern. We saw some of these fly level and then suddenly shoot upward or downward vertically. I have never seen an aircraft move in this fashion. I know that the g-forces alone from such maneuvers would make it highly unlikely that these aircraft were ours. I could actually see what appeared to be contrails behind some of them at times. This lasted for about 20 minutes as we continued traveling south.

Visibility was generally good that evening with little cloud cover during this event.

Posted 2005-01-27

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