Occurred: 2005-01-20 02:30 Local
Reported: 2005-01-20 10:30 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Mountain Ranch, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Triangular object w/o the bottom. Red then Green then Yellow white flashing. Hanged in the sky.

To whom it may concern: I do not know what I saw this morning. I know it was not a star or other planetary item. I know it was not a satellite. The sky was free of clouds.

Full events are thus: I could not sleep due to husband snoring. I got up out of bed about 1 a.m. PST and turned on the television in the main room.

As I was sitting there looking out the floor to ceiling windows I noticed out of the corner of my eye lights flashing from the side door. This was about 2:30 a.m. PST.

I turned to look at the lights. At first, I thought it was a planet, however the object got bigger. Then I noticed a reflection like a cross on it with trails of white light. Then the colors began to change-- Green, red, then a yellowish white.

The shape of the object appeared triangular without the bottom of a triangle. Like a stealth shape or a boomerang. The point was up.

Dead silence. I thought I saw like a smaller red flashing thing move towards the larger object from the south heading north. The lights flashed for but a few moments.

The object was near due west in the sky. It seemed to me that it was over Lake Pardee area. It stayed there for about 20 minutes. A few counter clockwise moves then it moved several miles farther west. Same thing again, the object just sat or hanged in one area.

Then I woke my husband up. It was about 3 a.m. PST. By the time my husband came out onto the deck the object moved farther west again, repeating the same thing as before - staying over a certain area a few times doing a counter clockwise movement.

I know that Lake Pardee closes down for the month of January. I know there is a military base near Highway 12 and Interstate 80.

I do not know if I saw an alien craft. I do not know if the military was testing a stealth machine. I would like to know definitely, if there was something recorded either by the military or by air traffic control as some military maneuver OR if we actually saw an alien craft.

I know what I saw was not a known aircraft. I know it was a flying machine. I know it was not a weather balloon.

Any information would be most greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Possibly Venus. Just a guess. PD

Posted 2005-01-27

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