NUFORC UFO Sighting 41065

Occurred: 1980-07-08 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-12-11 14:10 Pacific
Duration: 40 Minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Louisville, KY, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object

Definitely followed my car over 20 miles and shone lights, went way below the second loop of power line noiselessly

I was 21 years old then. Now I'm 46. I have told close friends of this, and they know I've never taken one drug in my life or even smoked a normal cigarette! I was taking my friend home way out Westport Road. At that time, it was different, undeveloped except for a huge Ford Truck Plant and some apartments. All along the way it was just land, with huge power lines on tall poles draping over a fairly twisty road in places.

After taking her home, in my Mustang, I noticed what I believed to be a normal helicopter coming down...down...then it got so darned near to those big power lines that it scared me! I didn't want its propellers (though I saw none) get twisted into those lines, so I stopped immediately. I wasn't going that fast since the road twisted into a sort of curve there anyway, with a guardrail there, and power lines above. No lights were there, only my car lights so it was pitch black otherwise, out in the country. It came so low near my car I wondered if it was a police helicopter looking for someone...I had stopped so I rolled down my windows and turned off my air conditioner. I could not hear it and it was BELOW the second draping power line. That is too low for any craft to be near a street, so I thought it was dangerous. Then it darted back up--way up in seconds. It was unreal how fast. The thing was cigar shaped in that it was similar to a plane or a helicopter body but it was lit up and also shone a light down on the ground. It wasn't directly on me but near me. I thought a Police 'copter made a mistake and was looking for someone but when I heard no engines or whirring propellers it was mysterious to me. I wasn't even thinking of UFO's! I went home and followedit in the sky with my eyes and it began to come nearer and then go out higher, irratic for a plane and a 'copter can't go that high I don't think! I went home (35 minutes trip) and it followed me all the way home, till I got into the driveway. At one point in the road where they are a crossroads, I actually turned out my lights and then went up the hill and thought they lost me but they just went up high. When I got to my yard and parked my car, I stayed in the dark car a minute looking up in the sky as it "looked" for me. While it was up in the air a minute I ran into the house and told my mother who said it was probably a helicopter looking for someone. I said it was so strange it would follow me that long. All night I had this dream I couldn't stand where I was "downloading" all this 'simple' information like: what was my weight? Height? Size? Who were (names!) all of my relatives, what was my education, religion, heritage, you name it. This was before computers and stuff, and the only way to this day I can describe it is like in my dream my whole 'data' was downloaded. Maybe the whole thing just gave me this dream, yet in the dream it was very annoying to answer all these simple questions so painstakingly for what seemed hours. I've never seen anything weird before or since. I have never smoked, drank anything but an occasional drink because I don't even like it, and wasn't on any medicine, didn't need to be, was perfectly healthy and happy and normal.I have never taken ANY illegal drugs either. I know what I saw wasn't normal. One other funny thing is that to this day, twenty years later, when I think back on it, I picture myself going TO my friends apartment, yet it was that stretch of road coming BACK that I saw it....weird.


Witness elects to remain anonymous; indicates that date of incident is approximate. Witness indicates that date of event is approximate. PD

Posted 2004-12-14

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