Occurred: 1994-06-01 03:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-12-08 01:26 Pacific
Duration: 5-10min
No of observers: 2

Location: Raymore, MO, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Emitted other objects, Changed Colo

4-5 lights & 1 large ship 10-11 years ago. Did you see it?

I don't know the exact date or year for this, I apologize, it has been about 10 or 11 years as of this posting.

My husband went outside with the dog & saw a craft in the near distance. There were several lights that shot out of it in a loop form & then they were gone. He came inside to get me, by the time we got back out there it was VERY strange. This is around 3AM & we saw the lights that shot out just as they returned & seemed to go back in the ship. They moved VERY fast. The clouds slowly rolled back & opened up as the large craft came closer passing over Casey's. The large craft had no lights at all, it was totally dark, like blacker than black. The sky was a deep red (like a sunset)but the clouds themselves were stilldark. The craft seemed to stop & hover over the area on the other side of 58 from SkyVue (at that time it was all field there, now there is a duplex/4 plex housing). It came in so slow, you would have thought it was going to fall out of the sky. It did make a very slight sound while hovering, but I can't really describe it. It wasn't a hum. but it was very quiet & ONLY made noise while it hovered. We just stood there watching, didn't really say anthing to each other, I think our brains didn't know what to think. But it sure wasn't the way we would have ever expected to react. It was almost like we were frozen in that moment of time. When the craft left, it moved as slowly as it did comming in, traveling E-NE. And the clouds seemed to roll back into place behind it returning to a normal 3AM night sky darkness. As it floated off (it went so slow it was like what I would expect out of a floating object, not a flying one) it went right over 58. But as soon as it was behind our house & out of our view, we silently & slowly walked back into the house, sat down & basically just sat there saying nothing, as if we weren't supposed to talk about it or just didn't know what to say maybe. Which to this day is very strange for us, seeing a UFO is something we would have expected to talk about between ourselves for years, until this actual sighting occured. After this sighting, I spent a couple weeks being unable to sleep. I would fall asleep ok, but every night around the same time of the sighting, I would be woke up by a VERY bright white light through the bedroom window. And when I awoke, it was like I had been awake for hours & had just sat up, vs. wakeing up.

My husband is retired military, we know what a stealth is & this WASN'T a stealth. Yes the military base was still open back then, but this WASN'T from there & they had no air traffic during this night. And the lights that came out of it & went back in were a combo of changing colors. But we are sure they were ships too, because the moved with purpose. We never talked about it much, every time we started to we felt as if we were in a extreamly mellow state....sorry very hard to explain the feeling.

Many years later they came out with Independence Day with Will Smith. The way the clouds roll back in the movie is exactly what we saw...we instantly looked at each other in disbelief. But still said nothing, it's like some major secret to us but we don't know why. This is the first we have said of this night & I still feel like I'm saying something I shouldn't. But typing feels different than speaking about it.

If anyone else has possibly seen this that night we would like to know...PLEASE post it we beg of you. The town just seemed so dead that night. No house lights on inside or out & not one single car on the road. Granted Raymore is quiet at night, but the quietness & darkness was very "A" typical.

Thanks for your time, K


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2004-12-14

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