NUFORC Sighting 40945

Occurred: 1986-08-15 13:30 Local
Reported: 2004-12-04 14:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Ogden, UT, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail

Early afternoon siting of cigar shapped object, August 1986, Pineview Reservour, Ogden Utah

On this afternoon I and my sister-in-law, who was about 17 years old at that time, were swimming at a local reservour, below the Wasatch Mountains. This place, later would also be used as one of the Olympic event sites. My siting occured almost directly across from what is now the Trapper's Loop by-way across the back of Mount Ogden. The road ends in a tee onto the main highway and there is a campground almost directly across the road from where Trapper's Loop comes down off the mountain. We were camping at this camp- site as we had for about 5 years as my ex-wife's Grandma lived just down Ogden Canyon from our yearly campsite. My ex-wife's mother, her husband, my sister-in-law and my ex and I would go up to this campground so they could go and visit Grandma more easily. At the time my ex-wife and I lived in Farmington, Utah and it just made things more simple to go camping so the women would have acess to Grandma. At approximately 1:30 pm on the afternoon of August 15, 1986 while sunbathing, I offered to go to our campsite to fetch something cold to drink. Where we were swimming was a converted boat ramp. Converted to swimming while Fish and Game had moved the boat launch down the shore a little way because of increased use by swimmers. The launch had origianlly been carved out of the bluff / canyon that Pineview Lake was claimed from. So, the ramp did about a 130' semicircle down to the lake, with the campground up above about 20 to 30 feet. As i was going up this old launch ramp, back to get sodas, my head had just cleared the depression of the ramp and I could look out into the campground and across the highway to the foothills. These foothills are farms mostly, and grazing land that then just continue up as part of the backside of the Wasatch Range east of Ogden, Utah. Anyone familiar with northern Utah would know immediately where I am talking about, as Pineview Reservour is a major play place for fishing and boating. At any rate, as I was looking into the coumpground and across to the hills, which are no more than 250 yards away, I heard an explosion. Like to when a farmer is blowing stumps. And so thinking I had heard a farmer blowing stumps looked closely at the hills to see if I could spot any flying dust and wood in the air. I was convinced it was a farmer blowing stumps. As I scanned the hill directly across the street a cigar shaped craft approxiately 100 feet long and possibly 30 feet thick, that looked as burnished silver, but intensely bright even in the full August afternoon sunlight that Utah has at that time of summer, was just leaving the creast of the hill I was looking at. This object just seemed to appear in the sound. I was absouletly stunned. I said to myself, Oh my God there it is. I watched the craft glide perfectly silent, out over the valley floor no more than 500 feet away from me as it headed in an east direction toward the Trappist Abbey and towards Evanston Wyoming over the mountains east of the campground. About 5 minutes agfter spotting the object which was moving slower than any flying craft should be able too, I heard another very large boom and the craft seemed to shimmer, like when one sees a heat mirage. All around it the air moved like that and it picked up speed. Then it started to fly about as fast as a conventional helicopter, still headed due east. About 2 or 3 minutes later this object seemed to stretch out to basically over the horizon, like Star Trek's going to warp. It actually looked like a rubber band strtched out forever and in a huge explosive boom, this thing was gone. Booooom! Gone! Just like that. The perfection of the object is what struck me at the time. It was very litteraly, beautiful. The metal glowed without flaring sunlight off it's shell. I was in nuclear weapons during the cold war from 1971 through 1974 in Europe so this daylight event I have described was not and I mean not, the first time I had had daylight sightings. It was not the last sighting either. I have two sons who became avid skywatchers, also. it is truly interesting, Peter, that when people take the time to look at the sky, they will witness something inexplicable. Peter, I now live in Aberdeen and would like to help in your quest for disclosure and knowlege. I hope you sense that I am no crack pot and it has taken me many years to report this one event. I have listened to you on the radio for years and have wondered if you could or if you actually would accept an offer of genuine concern and interest. I don't even know if you will see this report or if you want assistance. I have better things to do than have my motives questioned. So, if you need some certain help, I offer this to your endevour. Thanks for the forum.

Posted 2004-12-14

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