NUFORC UFO Sighting 40569

Occurred: 2004-11-07 18:20 Local
Reported: 2004-11-10 19:05 Pacific
Duration: 3-4+ seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Fort Belvoir, VA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Small accelerating round object, intensly bright at its center.

It was just turning dark outside dusk while I was driving just outside Fort Belvoir base on a major road, I saw a single small bright object out my driver's window, I was going about 40MPH, the object was moving above but horizontally. I saw it out of my drivers window and across my field of view at the corner of my eye to where I had turned my head completely to the left to look out the window because it was something not normal. I saw a small intensely bight object flying horizontal at a slight parallel angle of travel to my vehicle which it was traveling at a faster rate of speed. It was hard to discern the true distance or size as it was so small seemingly softball size in relation to my depth perception and traveling above the housing/tree line. The object was traveling faster than my speed, creeping across my field of view for two seconds and my eyes and head following it to the front windshield pillar when I quickly turned my head slightly look at my wife in surprise asking her if she sees that and pointing with my right hand while driving with the left and looking at the object, as I did that I see the object accelerate extremely fast at now seemingly a 45 degree angle where previously parallel to my travel. The acceleration was very linear and extremely fast, with acceleration far faster than an unknown aircraft I saw at Andrews Airforce base which was clearly an aircraft, greenish-grey which was made little noise, slowed, turned, hovered, and accelerated to a sonic boom. This on the otherhand when the object accelerated within this brief time second or so, the light just dissapeared as though it turned off or went so far out of view to where it was no longer visible. The light did get smaller as it seemingly accelerated away from my position and was at a slight upward angle but so fast as it got so small I couldn't see it or the light turned off. The light of the object was intensly bright with greater intensity with a unusual white-ish color at its center to where you could make out a inner sphere with an outer intensity lessening to a faint white yellow-ish/orange color and to its edge of intensity of a greyish color. The light intensity did not light the sky or leave a smoke trail, nor a light trail as it accelerated. There was enough light at dusk to see. There was no outline of a larger aircraft, it did not strobe, it was not a spark or flash, it was very low to the ground, it accelerated in speed and was not a shooting star or a stationary object and there was no noise I could hear coming from it from inside the car. I would note the travel path did not waver and was at a consistent straight line path of travel and it accelerated along its path.

Posted 2004-12-03

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