NUFORC Sighting 40320

Occurred: 2004-10-31 19:50 Local
Reported: 2004-10-31 18:43 Pacific
Duration: 20 min
No of observers: 15

Location: Orland Park/Tinely Park, IL, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

UFO sightings over Orland Park IL and Tinely Park IL

DESCRIPTION OF OBSERVERS- My mother was the first person to notice the 3 lights in the sky at approximately 7:50pm (CST). She was walking out some friends of the family and her sister to their cars and all 5 of those people noticed the lights. My mother then called myself, my Father, and my sister out to the driveway to see the lights. We then went and got our next door neighbors to come and see the unknown lights as well. Since I work at a 24-hour news station here in Chicago I called the station to try and let the news director know what we were seeing, however, they were unreachable. I then called two friends in two different parts of our town (yet still within Orland Park) to look up and see the lights, they too were able to see the lights. One of my mother’s friends (who had been walking to her car) she called her husband who was in Tinely Park (an adjacent town to Orland) and he too confirmed that he saw the lights. One of my friends in Orland that I called also saw the lights from his driveway with a family that was out "trick or treating". The ages of the witness' varied in age from 13 at the youngest to mid-60's.

DESCRIPTION OF OBJECTS- there were three distinct Bright Red lights in the sky. These lights were similar to the red lights that are on top of Radio and Cell phone towers. However these objects were moving, incredibly slowly. They maintained a steady pace similar in speed to a dirigible. The three lights were too far apart and too high to be planes, dirigibles, or balloons. Since we live in an area that has a high air traffic concentration (the O’Hare and midway flight path triangle) we are used to seeing lights in the sky, several commercial planes flew below the lights on there way to and from the airports. There was full cloud cover at a very high altitude, so we were unable to see any stars, however these three lights remained totally below the clouds during the entire 20 minutes.

DESCRIPTION OF WHAT OBJECTS DID- the three lights came in from the southwest when we first noticed, them moved toward the north (towards us), the three lights proceeded south east then after several of the people in our group had begun calling friends and family on our cell phones, the lights were too far away to be seen by 8:17pm. The lights maintained an obtuse scalene triangle formation during the twenty minutes. The distances between the objects remained relatively constant throughout the sighting. The lights did not change speed at all during the sighting, nor did they move in directions that would be impossible for conventional aircraft. Although the near "hovering" speed and the high altitude maintained by the objects completely rules out any helicopters. There was no noise heard from the objects.

DESCRIPTION OF BACKGROUNDS OF OBSERVERS- I'm a 23-year-old college Graduate and I work at local 24-hour news station covering the Chicagoland Area. My father is a 53-year-old college graduate and has worked in sales for over 35 years. My mother is a 53-year-old college graduate and homemaker. My sister is a 15-year-old high school sophomore. My neighbor’s are in their mid-60's and both hold masters degree's in education, one is a college professor at a nearby college, the other teaches elementary school. Our friends of family included our former neighbor (ties in her 40's and a business owner), her husband in his 40's and is a business owner as well (whom she called on the cell phone), and her daughter (13 in junior high school). The two friends that I called on the phone are both 24 and are currently enrolled in college. My mothers sister is in her 50's, holds a college degree and is a nurse at a local hospital.

Posted 2004-11-02

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