NUFORC Sighting 39854

Occurred: 1984-10-15 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-10-18 23:08 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 1

Location: New Boston, TX, USA

Shape: Egg
Characteristics: Lights on object

((Follow-up report from same witness. PD))

Controled flight. Extremely low altitude. Extremely slow speed. NO SOUND! Observed at close distances.

I was listening to Peter Grabiel's new video on MTV as I walked out and stood in the cool, crisp, night air of mid-October. The East Texas sky was clear and, as usual, filled with millions of twinkling stars. I could see the Dairy Queen sign that stands beside HWY.8 and was watching the extremely light traffic as it moved east and west along the highway. As I looked further east, just past the huge, blue water tower that stood between me and the highway, I noticed a pair of lights. I assumed it must be a special heavy hauler rig and I waited anxiously for it to pass by the water tower so I could get a better look at it. The lights were above the normal flow of traffic, but I never suspected that they were high enough to be flying and the "truck" was moving very, very slow. As I waited for it to pass the water tower and reappear, I assumed that it must have pulled over...The lights that I had been observing west- bound, at just under a half-mile, was now traveling south-west. As it manuevered around the water tower at about 1800 yards distance, I could clearly see that this was an aircraft. It's altitude was less than 35 feet and at it's present speed it would be directly above my head in about 15 minutes. My camera was out of film but I had a M-1 carbine with a 30 round clip full of tracer rounds. I went in the house and got it. A line of pine trees marked the boundry where my backyard joined my neighbor's yard. 45 yards beyond those trees lies the street that runs in front of his house. The craft was now above the old boat factory, about 300 yards, and as I watched it float, ever so slowly, I saw a bright-white light come on which was located directly in the center of the bottom of the craft. I flipped the safety off of the carbine that I was holding as the UFO approached the street which runs in front of my neighbor's home. Directly above the street, the rear of the craft came about as it again, changed it's direction and followed the street west.

I am now sixty yards from this craft as it floats through the air so low that the orange reflection from the newly installed amber street lamp was clearly visible on it's shiny, brushed aluminum appearing skin. NO SOUND! NOT A WHISPER!!NOTHING! It was moving so slow, I had to stop moving to make sure that it was not hovering. My neighbor's home is a low, ranch styled home about 80 feet long. I observed the craft through the pines that joined our yards as it moved over his home. As it centered his home, about 20 feet of the craft extended beyond each end of his home, giving it a length of 120'.I readied my carbine and aimed at the center of the bright-white light.

The bottom of the UFO was flat with a slight hump toward the rear of the craft. It had a light on each of it's three, rounded corners. These outer lights had the old, yellowish glow, like older vehicles. The top-half of the craft was rounded and egg- shaped and reached a height of at least 15'-20'. I moved across my neighbor's yard and as I stepped into the street, I observed the craft pass directly over a family's home, and comparing the two, the UFO was 60' across the rear and was about 15' across it's nose. I didn't shoot at the UFO . Those tracer rounds could have bounced off of it, stuck in one of my neighbor's roofs, and could have burned their house down. I watched the craft as it stayed it's course and went out of sight.

At the time I witnessed this UFO, I was a conveyor mechanic for a government contractor. I've worked on air bases all over this nation and there are no aircraft available in our arsenals that can hover 30' off the ground without making a sound. If a human being stands within 60' of any hovering aircraft made on this earth, with the very latest, most advanced, technology known to man, that human being WILL hear that aircraft!! This sighting makes nine UFO sightings that I've experianced over the years while living in East Texas. These entities are real, people. What I've described here is true. That craft was just as real as the 1985 Chevrolet Silverado that's setting in my driveway. I hate these things. I hate what they've done to peoples lives. I hate the way they can come and go and stalk us. If they are so damned intelligent, then they know what they are doing to us is wrong. Make no mistake about it, I will pull that trigger to stop the threat!!

Posted 2004-10-27

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