NUFORC Sighting 39522

Occurred: 1996-05-24 01:50 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-09-28 10:10 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Toronto (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

3 dim trianglular lights on a black trangular base moving slowly low to the ground over Toronto W to E.

It was Victoria Day weekend in Canada...the Saturday Night and my friends and I were out having a few drinks (yes we were *slightly intoxicated*). After leaving a Bar around College and Bathurst in downtown Toronto we ending up in a children's playground of a school near Harbbord & Bathurst. 3 males and a female and we where having a cigarette when the female member of our group said "Hey, check out the seagulls"...Since I am an avid amateur ornothologist I immediately lookup up (so did the other 2 males). Instantly we all recognised that they were NOT seagulls. All our impressions of the object/s vary slighly including altitude and size. My perception is as follows: What was originally percived as seaguls were actually white occolating/slightly-glowing triangle shaped pads (flat on the bottom but seemed to be wobbling, which originally looked like wings flapping to the female who first spotted them/it). The 3 slightly glowing triangles were in the formation of a triangle - this made it hard to tell if they were 3 seperate objects or all part of the same object. Indeed it was a dark moonless night with almost no wind at all (I could lite a match and it'd burn to the end). The Object/s were moving from W to E (direction of the wind) at a low altitude (again, our perceptions differ). To me it appeared to be about 100 ft (twice as high as the city tree tops and standard Seagull hight) and there was no noise. Although it only seemed to be moving about 10-15kph there didn't seem to be enough wind to propell anything at that speed. The 3 glowing triangles never varied in distance from each other - which led us to believe they were attached/tethered to each other or perhaps there was a large dark object (we could not see anything between the smaller triangles though it could have been a very dark object against a really dark sky) and the smaller triangles would be at the bottom 3 corners of the black triangular base.

We watched the entire time, from when it was first spotted (directly above our heads) until it dissapeared into the eastern horizon (about 1.5-3 minutes). We had lots of time to discuss between us what were were looking at. 2 thought the object was more like 500 ft up. 1 (the female) thought it was just at tree level and I figure it was twice tree level (about 100-130 ft)- I am into bird watching, amateur astronomy, amateur aviation and amateur meteorology aswell as if it's in the sky I have a good idea about it...I'm also an excellent judge of distance and hight.

From my perspective the size of the object (if it was around 120 ft) is: each glowing triangle was about 3 feet square and about 13-18 feet apart from each other.

Lastly, the next day (Sunday of that long weekend) I saw a military jet moving from west to east along more or less the same path as the object from the night before. There were no airshows going on in the city and it is unusual to see a jet fighter over Toronto otherwise. The jet was moving fairly slow.

I tried to report this to MUFON at the time but they didn't have website reporting and I never received the reporting form from them as promised over the phone. We were all pretty well affected by our sighting and were anxious to discover what it this day we still don't know.

((name deleted))

Posted 2004-09-29

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