Occurred: 2004-09-03 22:20:00 Local
Location: Englewood, FL, USA
Shape: Other
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2004-09-03 20:46:25 Pacific
Posted: 2004-09-09 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

An object passed quickly through the sky with 6 circles of luminescence with absolutely no sound as it passed overhead.

I brought my spouse outside to view the Milky Way and as we were looking up I noticed a craft passing overhead and was very excited and pointed it out to my husband. He did not see it much in the manner as if you try and point out a shooting star to someone. It passes so quickly. That is what happened with this object. I saw it and pointed very excitedly but he did not see it. I watched it pass over and saw its shape. I knew it was not a plane or a helicopter or a satellite or anything else I am familiar with seeing. It was definately a UFO and I am 100% certain I had an alien encounter of the second kind. I was so certain, I also quickly sketched its shape so as not to forget. I am very excited to ascertain if others in my area were out and viewed the same thing as I am very certain of what I saw.


We will request a copy of the graphic. PD

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