Occurred: 1996-01-01 03:30 Local
Reported: 1998-06-13 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-4 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Key Largo, FL, USA

Shape: Triangle

3:30 in the morning observe a black triangular shaped craft fly directly over Key Largo Fl. aproximately one tholusand ft. up and 2000 Ft north of the bell south tower at the Howard Johnston Restarant. Size would be about one hundered + or - a small amount. Completely blackened and traveling at about 35 miles per hour, no lights and no reflection other than off the upper edge of the fuselage.

I was anchored in tarpon basin which is just off the howard johnston restaurant and adjacet to the tower which placed the tower north by east of out boat. This was in jan 1996 just prior to crossing to the Bahamas. I got up to check out the anchor and went on deck as it was a clear warm night,looking up I noticed a line of white being reflected in a diagaonal formation to it`s line of travel looking and traveling somewhat like a flight of birds. A split second later I realized that it was a hard edge reflecting light back towards me ,but not down. We sailors always have binocullars available so I was able to get a better view immediately. Being 50mm lens and having good light gathering ability I was able to see the bottom somewhat,; it appeard featurless. At this point I called Connie on deck and gave her the binocs and she was able to see it also. At this time it was impossible to see with the naked eye. I again watched it go slowely to the northwest until it completely blended into the night sky. It was easy to judge the hight and size due to it`s close proximity to the tower. My background as a private pilot and having built and flown my own planes and ultrlights allowed me to judge the speed. As low as it was we both were able to trade off the glasses and abserve the progress. I am a retired teacher and have been 22 years most of which I have been captain and used to reporting factual reports.

Posted 1998-06-18

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