Occurred: 1996-08-15 01:00:00 Local
Location: Lubbock, TX, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2004-08-05 23:22:36 Pacific
Posted: 2004-08-11 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Several strange lights in Texas

This all happend early one morning when i was coming home from a family reunion in Wellington,Tx. Me and my parents had decided to come home that night so we wouldnt have to do so that morning because my parents hated to wait on things they wanted to do, my father, mother, and myself were in the pickup driving home to Lubbock i had fallen asleep half way home to the town of Floyadada,Tx when we came to this town my mother had woken me up saying that there was something in the sky so i sat up in my seat and when i looked out of the window i saw several different lights buzzing around the sky, now where this took place is in basic farm country so there were no street lights and was also completly quiet, these lights were silver,blue,green and also red from the best of my memory, keep in mind this happend over 8 years ago. So we see these lights slowly moving around, a few crossed the road while others seemed to hide behind one another then move back out into view, we became curious so my father stopped on the side of the road we rolled the windows down to listen but we couldnt hear anything what so ever.My dad proceeded to drive down the highway again and noticed one of these lights following us on our passenger side in the distance so my father stopped the pickup and the light stopped with us, my father took off again and the light moved again, needless to say this was a very strange thing that happened that night, this happend for 1 hour to maybe 1 and a half hours all the way to Lubbock, there were hundreds of people parked on the side of the road to Lubbock city limits. It's a different world out in the country were there are no cities because you just cant see the sky like you can out in the country.

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