NUFORC Sighting 37191

Occurred: 1986-08-01 22:30 Local
Reported: 2004-05-27 13:21 Pacific
Duration: 15 Minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Bankson Lake/Lawton, MI, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Emitted beams


Flashing light from silent hovering triangle over Bankson Lake causes wittnesses eyes to burn and water for days after sighting.

I was not there that weekend to see the object reported but from what I have been able to gather this is an excellent case.. Why? becuase it happened in 1986 and I dont think the flying triangle was seen or reported at that time.. That didnt happen until 1989 over Belguim.. Similiar cases after 1989 have detailed wavy air or something seen coming out of the object. In other words, this is one of the first. Michigans chapter of Mufon did investigate but know one claimed to have seen the object except for these two people.. I know for a fact that more people did see this object becuase they are the ones I heard it from.. One described to me a diamond shaped object that reminds me of the Cash Landrum case of the early 80's. In the Cash Landrum case it was reported that the victoms had burning and watery eyes caused by exteem levels of Untra Violet light.. Makes me wonder if the two people mentioned in the article below were exposed to the same kind of UV lighting..

Here is the story of the Bankson Lake Triangle From the Kalamazoo Gazzete and featured in the newsletter page of Here are some highlights from the article that was put into the Kalamazoo Gizzette on September 1986 Not Everyone will believe John Long and fishing buddy Richard Jandura, story about the huge UFO they saw over Bankson Lake near Lawton on the evening of Aug. 1st 1986 Both witnesses eyes burned for days after watching the silent triangular object fly over head.

"It is a very credible report, Very credible," said Shirley Coyne of Flushing, director of MUFON's Michigan chapter.

What the two fisherman claimed to have seen around 10:30 that clear night was a giant spacecraft about the size of Wings Stadium Long said . The object had a bright light in front and three red lights blinking on each side.

The craft moved slowly from the southeast toward the northwest about 200 to 300 ft over the lake, the white light in front suddenly flashed brilliantly and went out.

There were several other fisherman on the lake, apparently none of them saw the UFO because it moved with absolute silence. The flash of light ws beamed toward the front of the craft, so it did not reflect off the water.

Jandura heard a young boy on the shore yelling "What is it?" What is it?" as the UFO traveled slowly across the lake for about 15 minutes.

To the person who was yelling what is it? please feel free to contact me with what you saw, if you are out there.

As the craft moved off in the direction of South Haven the two fisherman saw a wavy pattern in the air behind it, as though somekind of exhaust.

The Kalamazoo county airport was contacted and nothing unusual was reported on radar.

It should be noted that 30 minutes prior to this event a similiar objects was seen over Jamestown Ohio. Aproximately for 5 minutes. Earlier that day over Texas yet another stranged shaped object was spotted and reported.

As I collect more information on this case including witness testimony I will update you through this submition form.

Ps it was nice talking to you today Mr. Davenport.. Thanks for listening ((name deleted)).

Posted 2004-06-04

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