NUFORC UFO Sighting 36951

Occurred: 1980-01-01 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-05-15 00:10 Pacific
Duration: 24 yrs
No of observers: 1

Location: Omaha, NE, USA

Shape: Other

I'm not sure where to begin...

My earliest memory dates back to when I was an infant. I'm not sure how old I was but my next memory is my third birthday.I remember a gift that I got and I also remember having this first memory at that time.I can recall even at that age a want to hold on to it and I have.

I am lying on my back in the grass.It is night and there is cool a lite breeze.I remember this because I could feel it blowing my hair around.It tickled my forhead.I felt very at ease and calm.

The sky was so beautiful.It was filled with dozens of geometric shapes.There were many different colors and they had a soft internal glow that bordered on translucence.They were very soothing and I felt that they were my friends.I know that they were soothing me,like a mother would a child.I cant explain in words what I felt inside but it was like communicating.

The duration is probably about 2-5 minutes.Throughout my childhood,it was always my strongest memory and inspired me in everything I did.I've always thought that it is what sparked my curiosity about sciece at an early age(got my first shock at 5 by poking around in a telephone outlet).

Anyhow,when I was 13,I went to live with my grandparents as a result of my mothers death.I stayed in my dads old room.At about the age of 15,I started having weird dreams.There were so many that I cannot remember the chronology,but I will state some.

One of the first was one in which I was having a dream about eating cereal.I thought I started to fall back in the chair and got that rushing,falling into oblivion feeling,that woke me up.I was lying flat on my back in bed and someone approached me from the left.I couldn't move.From here it gets a little foggy,from terror I think,but "he" lifted my shirt up to my armpit then used something to cut me just under my left nipple.It didnt hurt but I was very scared.I then felt a horrible,numb,type of pain.A pulling sensation coming from the area where I was cut.I couldnt turn my head to see,but out of the corner of my eye,I could see him pulling out a piece of tissue.The pain was incredible.That all I remember until the next morning.My chest was a little sore and I had light scratch in the exact area where he cut me.I also have no muscle in the lower portion of my left breast.I'm 25 years old today,I work out,and I still have no muscle in that area.

Another dream is one where I wake up in the middle of the night.There is a pink hazy light coming from my window.I get up and look out.It looks like daytime on an overcast day except in pink.I look to see what time it is and my clock is not on.No power in the whole house,so I dont know what time it is.I had a very strange feeling at this point and decided to go outside.The sky was overcast and pink.Where I live was only a mile north of Rosenblatt Stadium and you could see it from the backyard.We also weren't to far from S.A.C,so on some days you could wee jets flying in that area.

I went around to the back and was shocked to se the sky filled with U.F.O.'s.Discs,cylinders,pyramids,spheres,Etc.I also felt that they saw me,or better yet,were waiting for me.I dont remember anything after that.

There are many more but I am no good at typing and am tiring already.

One day I got up the guts to bring them up to my dad, "jokingly",and he later confided in me similar experieces he had as a young man in that house.

At the age of 18,I moved to AZ and the dreams stopped.I moved back to a rural part of NE 1 yr later.I have been here for almost 7 yrs now.The dreams have started again and now they involve my young son.This also coincides with a recent sighting of a U.F.O.(it was on the news,on tape).I really wish they would stop.I call them dreams but honestly,there is nothing more real at the time.I've never told anyone else about them before,and feel kind of silly,but I need to get it off of my chest.

I know this isn't a specific "sighting",but I had to get it out.Sorry.


Date is approximate. Witness elects to remain semi-anonymous. NUFORC receives reports of peculiar dreams, but we have no way of knowing whether they are UFO-related. PD

Posted 2004-06-04

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