Occurred: 1978-05-01 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-05-13 11:37 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes

Location: Wrightstown, PA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

I was contacted years ago by NICAP about a news story that was written about my experience in Bucks County Pennsylvania in either 1978 or 1979.Probably 1978. I was coming home from a business meeting with lawyers and representatives from Paine Webber about a new offering. In the car ( a 1977 Lincoln Continental) was my accountant who was driving. It was midnight.. It must have been early 1978. We saw what appeared to be very bright lights in the sky on the same plane.About 6 of them.Each with intensity of search lights. We saw them from the eastern shore of the Delaware River as we were heading west to my home. The lights stood still. As we crossed the NJ/PA bridge the lights still remained in the same position. We drove up Wrightstown Road and they still were there.Comparing the height to radio towers nearby these were about twice the height.

I got out of the car and had my Minolta 35 mm camera that I had used to photograph properties for our presentation to Paine Webber. The camera worked fine. We stopped the car and looked up and the same lights were there. I tried to photograph them but the camera would not click to the next frame. I tried and tried.One flash and then the series of lights moved without a sound at such a speed that they were miles away in a second or two.

We both were shaking with excitement.My account was a very staid person and unemotional person but he was afraid to talk about it.

When we started the car to leave we saw there was a deer lying in the ditch of the farm road that 'woke up' and stretched and jumped into the woods.

Upon arriving home my wife met me at the door. She sleeps early but was wake at midnight.For some reason the home phone rang and stated there was a fire alarm set off at my sister in laws house.We were on a notification list. She immediately called her to find out nothing happened there and all were sleeping.

I contacted every airport and the Willow Grove Air Force base speaking to a Colonel. No one knew a thing.

The next morning at work I was telling the account to my employees and there was a newspaper advertising agent there to take our new business for the week.He called his boss at the Trentonian Newspapers.The boss asked me to tell him exactly what happened and what time. He then told me that his secretary and her husband saw the same thing moments earlier in Florence New Jersey about 320 minutes away by car.

After giving the film to NICAP they kept it for 15 years and finally mailed it to me empty.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2004-06-04

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