NUFORC Sighting 36898

Occurred: 2000-01-25 17:00 Local
Reported: 2004-05-13 08:07 Pacific
Duration: 23:15 again for 15 minute
No of observers: 5

Location: Cairo (Egypt), , Egypt

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Left a trail, Emitted beams, Aircraft nearby

Famous writer and 3 others saw bright white sausage object hovering over Giza pyramids

I am not the one who witnessed the event, but it is documented in Arabic through this article by the famous Egyptian writer Mr. Mohamed Salmawy and was published online and offline in Al-Ahram (official newspaper in Egypt) 31st January, 2000 I would love to help trying to document this famous event by translating the article into English and contact the famous writer Mr. Salmawy by email to have more comments about his encounter and the 4 others who contacted him to report it; since there is no UFO entity in Egypt yet.

The article goes like this: "I was contacted by Omar to let me know in a calm and precise wayy that last Tuesday he saw UFOs over Cairo that emmited a very bright white light that doesn't resemble any electrical light that we know of. --Omar is a good friend of my kids since they were together in school, 4 years back, he graduated from the American University in Cairo, he is now working hard in a media and TV company in Cairo, Egypt-- the objects were similar to Neon lights that were floating in the sky, or similar to a huge Frankfurter shape with rounded edges. Omar said that this was not the first time to see those flying objects. He continues that 8 years back he was sleeping on his bed in one summer night and saw a huge light ball outside his balcony with a trail of non-contineous lights. It lasted for few seconds, turned the place into bright daylight then vanished...

..I asked him wither someone else saw what he saw last week and he instantly said that his mom and driver also was there and saw that. They were all in the car on the "Mouneib Bridge" going from Cairo to Giza and saw those bright objects above the Giza Pyramids, so they stopped the car and went down to watch better, and kept watching till they dissapeared. At that point I myself discovered that I also saw those same lights later during the same night and in the same pattern Omar has discribed!!...

[the writer goes into details about perseption theories and how other countries are studying UFOs phenomena since the 40s] [the writer switches to his story] "I too saw the same phenomena later during the same night, 01/25/2000, i was coming back on the Alitalia flight from Algeria via Italy to Cairo airport. we were still far above Cairo with its glittering lights. I suddenly saw this bright light very visible among the relivantly dimmer city lights. Then it dissapeared. It was similar to a big light bulb. I first thought it was coming from the plane's strobing lights but when it happened again i could tell that it was un-naturaly bright. And was moving with the plane and not stationary as i first thought. It was visibile that it is a rectangular shape flying just above the ground illuminating the ground as it hovered above land with its very special bright pure white (not yellowish as the rest of Cairo's other artificial lights). It happened 4 or 5 times between 11:30 and 11:45 then we landed in Cairo Airport and i forgot all about it till I heared Omar's story." [the writer also discribes another incident] where another male was ubducted into a UFO while he was sleeping in an empty lot in southern Egypt. when he saw a landing UFO and creatures came out and took him inside on an operation table where he was exposed to some rays, later after this insident he started having strange powers like eating and swallowing broken glass and inserting a nail in parts of his body and taking it out from the other side without any trace of blood. And he demonstrated those powers in my office infront of my own eyes.

Omar also started feeling those strange powers, for example sometimes if he just rests his hand on one of his friends that person could fall down to the ground with extreme pain! Lately he started noticing that when he holds a cola glass bottle in his hand, the liquid will turn into frozen ice in the middle of the bottle, while stays as liquid above and bellow the area where Omar was holding it.

Omar also continues that when he saw the fire ball years back, his brother was sleeping in the next bed and didn't see the ball, but when the fire ball crossed infront of the bedroom window the sleeping brother punched the air upwards with his fist while still sleeping. And in after the light dissapeared in few seconds his arm went back to his side whithout waking up. Omar remembers that during this incident there was a ringing or beeping sound coming from the tin trash bin in the same bedroom. The sound was similar to the effect resulting of hitting the tin with another metal piece."

Posted 2004-06-04

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