NUFORC UFO Sighting 36783

Occurred: 1996-07-17 20:45 Local
Reported: 2004-05-08 08:02 Pacific
Duration: fifteen minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: Saline/Bridgewater, MI, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

Bright light in sky transforms into barbell-shaped craft, descends and rotates silently overhead.

On the evening of July 17, 1996 I was travelling by car from Ann Arbor, MI to Saline, MI when I spied a bright white light under the low cloud cover to the south at about twenty degrees latitude. I had the am radio tuned in to 760 WJR (Detroit, MI) to listen to the breaking news reports of the TWA 800 crash off of Long Island, NY. This light was much larger and brighter than the landing lights on the passenger jets which continually fly in and out of Willow Run Airport (Ypsilanti, MI). Two night previous (July 15th) I had witnessed a large circular array of lights float over my car from east to west in the same area at about the same time of night. I wondered if I was witnessing a routine flight out of Willow Run Airport of an unconventional aircraft. I felt somewhat agitated at the sight of this bright light, yet, drawn to it. I turned my car onto a series of sideroads in order to get closer look at it. After five or so minutes the light was much larger in size and was about sixty degrees in latitude. I was on the northern outskirts of the tiny town of Bridgewater, MI when I stopped my car, exited it to see the huge bright light descend out of the sky toward my position. The light dimmed dramatically to reveal a barbell-shaped craft comprised of two internally-lit, milky white spheres connected by a thin bar which had two, evenly spaced, bright bluish-white blinking lights. These lights blinked in unison at regular intervals much the way that aircraft strobes blink. The craft was huge. It revolved horizontally on an axis and was completely silent. I measured the craft to be the size of a large canteloupe or human head at arm's length. At this time I noticed that several cars were passing by, both on the road which I was parked on the shoulder of as well as a nearby state highway that ran through Bridgewater. Not a single car seemed to stop or notice this object. I attempted to motion down a passing truck with one hand while pointing to the object with the other but the d! river seemed to not see me. The craft continued to revolve and occasionally one of the internally-lit spheres would slowly extinguish its light and after a few seconds it would re-illuminate. Each time that this occurred I felt a flood of anxiety. Finally, after about five or so minutes of this dramatic display, the craft slowly ascended into the sky, became a bright single white light and moved off to the south east at a slow rate. I felt as if this sighting was meant solely for me. I did not notice any EM problems related to my vehicle or static on the AM radio through the duration of the sighting.

Posted 2004-05-10

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