Occurred: 1951-07-03 03:00:00 Local
Location: Calaveras County, CA, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: ???
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2004-05-02 19:40:21 Pacific
Posted: 2004-05-04 00:00:00
Characteristics: Emitted beams

A female alien leader visits a catholic school boy in California .

I was on a annual summer camp trip from Ukiah, CA. to Calavera's county in 1951 when an event happened that changed my whole life! I had spent that day as any normal kid would, playing with my best friend then we raced across a small creek and my foot was cut through my tennis- shoes. The cut was very deep across the pad behind my left big toe.

My friend ran to get a Conselor to help me. The cut would not stop bleeding.

He carried me on his back piggy style. I had to pull my pant leg cuff to hold my foot up because of the throbbing pain. I went to bed that night as the other boys did, (gabbing til sleep). Somewhere in the night I woke up and startled as heck, realized I was sleeping on the cement serving place.

The cement circle was where the conserlors set all the giant serving food pots which was about 4 to 6 blocks from our cabin.

What woke me was this weird blue-ish green light that I could see with my eyes closed. It was about 2 telephone poles above me slowly rising with a small noise in my head. It looked like a huge (city block wide) black disk with pieces of silver around it's edges. In the center was that blue-ish green light. It slowly rose over me straight up then zipped out of sight.

I wasn't scared, I was actually very calm and relaxed untill I noticed where I was, (in the wilderness at night) I got up, steped down off the cement circle and yelled in pain! I forgot my foot was injured. All the pain came back again as I tried to walk on that heel. As I entered the dark cabin, I accidently went to my best friends bed and grabbed the covers, (It was my friends neck I grabbed and boy did he yell) I tried to tell him what went on, but the other kids yelled , 'shut-up!'. The next morning we saw my bloody foot prints coming from the cabin front door to my friends bed.

I tried to explain to our 'conselors' what happened and they said, I must be mistaken, there's only God in the heavens. And then the memories came back. A female entity, large head, giant shinny black cat eyes, dull white skin tone, small being. It sounded like a soft gentle female. It spoke to me with tenderness. She said her name was, I couldn't say it right, so she said,'NANE' that's close enough. She said she was the leader of a force that protected her planets security. In an instant, we were on a planet who's color looked like white-ish grey everywhere. My feet weren't on the ground and she said, It's not safe for you. I said where am I, she said, your at the 'place of ashes' she said, you call it The moon. She said a huge civilization lived there a long time ago. She said, those craters are not from things hitting the moon, their from a great all out war that destroyed the planet. She pointed to a UFO in the distance and said, many visitors from other planets come to the 'place of ashes' to remember, and collect 'artifacts' to take home. She said the Universe was a big giant highway,just like our highways on earth. When she talked, I didn't see her mouth move, I heard her in my mind. She told me about different UFO's, aliens, planets, She said the story of 'Jesus Christ' was just that,a story She said governments on earth just used it to control the people! She said, do you think a real all loving God would let Disease,murder,war,hatred,- death,natural disasters exist!!!!? She said she could do everything and more all by herself than anything I've ever read. She has visited me about 3 times and say's she's always near. She has shown me and told me so much that it's sort of scary! I am now a movie actor with one academy award film and I still don't talk about my encounter to anyone. (people think your crazy as the government likes it to be on this topic!) All I can say is, my life 's not the same since that encounter!!! I can do many,many, different things that I never studied, perfectly! When I look into a persons eyes, or touch them it's like a fast visual movie of their life!(I don't like it at all!!!) When that visual thing happens, it makes me want to throw-up!(feels like I'm going to die!) I've learned so much from'NANE' that it would take a lot of writing to explain it, and it's coming true! I'm going to write an E-Book on the net about, 'NANE' and give it away free, just download it. I want other people to know what happened to me! And just maybe, just maybe, there's others who were visited that night and I could meet them. There's so much more she said that I believe is perfectly true! The free 'NANE' E-Book has been ready to download but, I'm a little worried about my movie career! Will people think I've lost my mind!? A person can only shut their mouth for so long! Time to tell the other people what happened! She showed me so much! I hope all read this with intelligence and wisdom for it will come to pass!!!


Date is approximate. We will contact the source, and request that he/she attempt to contact any of the other youngsters at the camp, to try to corroborate parts of the story. PD

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