NUFORC Sighting 36588

Occurred: 2003-11-09 19:30 Local
Reported: 2004-04-28 16:20 Pacific
Duration: 2.5 Hr.
No of observers: 3

Location: Kau, HI, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Changed Color, Landed

In Nov. 2003 my two friends and I saw 50 or so Fireballs

It was a full moon that night when my two friends and I went down to the most Southen tip of the Big Island of Hawaii to practice our martial arts. The Sun had gone down and the Moon was on the rise it was very bright that night. I had brought some glow sticks with me and I had tied them to the end of a 6'string, a red one and one blue, one at each end. I started to swing the string with light on it in circles around me, going from big circle to small ones, I did that for about 10 min. or so and my friend did the same for about the same amount of time. We put the light sticks in my truck and we split up to do our own thing. I walked up to the top of a small hill thats was on the edge of the water, and when facing the water you would be facing South and if you turned 180 degrees you would be facing the volcano Mauna Loa and North. As I go to the top and looked up towards the volcano I saw what looked like a couple police lights (red and blue) come toward us very fast I watched them for a few min. trying to figure out what they were. After afew min I ran over to one fo my friends who was just 50 yards down the hill from me and told him that I thought the Police were on there way over to see what we were up to. My friend said that maybe they think we were UFOs and that someone had probably seen us swinging thoughs lights around and called in. So I walked back up the hill to get a better look but the lights were gone. I looked back to the ocean for a few more min and when I turned back around I saw my other friend had gotten out the lights again and was swinging them around and instead of just two police lights there were now 10 police lights come from the mountain, as I watched in amazement more and and more light started apearing. I ran back to my friend and told him he had to come see the lights. We saw now 50 lights, forming a large circle about 200 yards away. The three of us watched and I tried to videotape it but only got a few minutes. It was nighttime and I couldn't tell if it ! was working,but I did get something. I decided to walk towards the lights, swinging my light sticks around my head. I got to within 50 yards and could see the lights moving in the trees. It was very disconcerting. I turned around and ran back to my friends and told them it was too scary, they had to come too. We walked towards the lights, to within 20 yards and they appeared to take the shape of trucks backing out and pulling around. One of my friends said, "They're just trucks." My other friend said, "yes, they kind of look like trucks." At that moment I turned around and heard a sound behind me, and when I turned back around my friends were gone, the lights were gone, and I was 1 1/2 miles from where I had been standing. I looked at my watch and about 20 minutes had passed. I was disoriented and could not remember where my truck was, so I just headed towards the water to find it. When I got back my friends weren't there, so I went to the hill to see if I could see them, and waited for another 20 minutes or so before they appeared, coming from the opposite direction from where we had been. When I ran down to them and asked them if they were trucks, they both said, "They weren't trucks." They had run into the middle of the lights and said the last thing they remembered was the lights swirling around them, and then they were 1 1/2 miles from where we were in the opposite direction from where I had gone. We stuck around for another hour and the lights came and went, but never as many as the height of the experience. I know I left out some stuff but that's basically it.

Posted 2004-04-30

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