Occurred: 1989-09-27 20:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2004-04-27 15:10 Pacific
Duration: 20 to 30 min
No of observers: 30

Location: Oak Ridge (over classified Y12 facility), TN, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby, Electrical or magnetic effects

Huge Saucer with lights seen, over Oak Ridge, hovered, lights changed, and suddingly disappeared .

Occurred during the time of my wife's birthday, when I was consulting for a Contractor at Oak Ridge.

While at the Y12 facility, after dusk, one of the employees after coming from his car saw a craft approaching the facility from another facility on that Government Campus. He rushed in and told us to grab any cameras, and come out and see something spectacular. Five were able to obtain cameras, and approximately 40 to 50 employees, including guards saw the saucer. It hovered almost over the Y12 facility for over 20 minutes. It changed colors from time to time, and emitted light beams. We five took many pictures from the basically same vantage point. The Craft was much larger than a B2 Bomber! It was estimated to be at least 400 meters from us for a time. MUFON members were told about the incident, but they wanted pictures from daytime shots of a classified facility - which obviously are not allowed by the Government! Since the film had to be turned over to the Contractor, and the Government, the original negatives and slides are their property. Afterward, some of the prints of pictures, and some slides, that were taken in the dark, which didn't reveal any clasified secrets were returned to the respective photographers. When the FBI was questioned about the nature of the object, they said they couldn't answer about the nature of the craft - "since it was highly classified!". Copies of some of these pictures were given to a book vendor at the 1992 or 1993 Eureka Springs UFO Conference, in exchange for some Bible UFO related books. Also at the time, myself and an FBI Agent gave some of the pictures of "Ball Lightning" that I had taken over my farm north of Willow Springs, Missouri. We asked the vendor, what he thought of the various pictures, and what he thought they were, and what he thought was their origin? Pictures have been recently furnished to people at Laughlin UFO Conferences, to ((e-address deleted)), The Museum of the Unexplained, and others inspite of some of the! m being published (1998)in "Pleiadians from Alcyone". (The pictures on pages 1 and 2 are of the craft over Oak Ridge - which is not near Nashville, Tenn. but are of "Ball Lightning" north over our farm !). ( The Pictures on pages 3 through 11, are some 35 mm slide pictures that I took, along with pictures that a Contractor Employee took with his poloroid camera, and two pictures were taken by another employee with a press type camera!) By-the-way, those pictures belong to the Gov't/Contractor/ and the employees were given permission to share them as they saw fit! When one reads the referenced book, pages 12 through 27, they are interesting, informative, and make an interesting tale. Is there a coincidence here with another similar sighting? The bit about the photographer is very interesting. I know nothing specific about Teygeta or Zeta-Reticuli-I, Alpha Centuri, Pleiadian Alcyone crafts! So I did not create that story. So what is the truth, it has to be scientifically investigated, and tbd. I can only stay with facts as I understand them. At the near end of the hovering of this spectacular, well defined, colorful craft; the craft lowered a portion with different lights, like from some type of antigravitics/ superconductive propulsion unit (that is attributed to be the opinion of some so called observers?), and then the craft slowly rose, headed off in a northerly direction, sped up and suddenly (without sound), and "like a bat out of hell" lifted up vertically, rose speedily out of sight and disappeared. Was this experience a projection or a Hologram, I believe not so because of the definition in the shots taken by the various cameras! greetings- fj/bf

Posted 2004-04-30

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