Occurred: 1982-07-15 00:00:00 Local
Location: Baker Lake (rural WA), WA, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2004-04-10 00:51:52 Pacific
Posted: 2004-04-27 00:00:00

UFO makes 90 degree turn while maintaining velocity.

I'm a design draftsman, ex-Navy, and 38 y/o at the time. Two families of us, with kids, were spending a weekend at a VERY rustic resort in the Cascade Mountains, many miles N.E. of Burlington/Mt. Vernon. The resort shuts off its power at 10 p.m., so most everyone went to bed. My stepson (he was 12)and I went to sit on the beach above the lake and were just talking and watching the sky for "shooting stars". Now and then we'd see a satellite pass. I might note that the sky was clear, stars very bright, as the lake runs for miles in a north-south direction with mountains jutting high on the sides ... no lights other than Nature's.

Anyway, one of us points out what we thought was another satellite, but moving a bit slower and with a slight coloration to it .. I want to say a mottled orange. It came from the east, and as we watched, it would have passed directly east/west, when it suddenly changed direction 90 degrees and passed over us going due north. What was a mind blower at the time is that it never changed speed, but made the turn while maintaining velocy. It disappeared over the horizon to the north.

We joked about the aliens being all jammed into one corner of their ship from some neophyte driver's hard right turn, as he wanted to go visit Santa Claus.


Virtually no man-made satellites travel from east to west. If, in fact, that was the direction the object was traveling, and the witness seems certain of that fact, then the object almost certainly could not have been an artificial, I.e. man-made, satellite. PD

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