Occurred: 1975-06-01 18:46 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1998-05-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 7+-days

Location: Cannon AFB/Clovis, NM, USA

Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

unidentified flying objects sighted around Cannon AFB and Clovis NM. The rough year was 1975/1976.

UFS sighted over/around Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico. You will probably just say that this is junk, sorry I do not think so. Flying objects sighted for many days anad then they stopped. what proof do I have. very little. But here goes the old story(real), Cannon AFB had just installed floodlight poles around the flightline, it greatly assisted maintenance on the F-111D's at night. It lit up the flilghtline nicely for us, the ones who had to work in the dark to fix these jets. About that time the sightings started. I did not get to personnaly see them, dumb me, I didn't put out the effort to go out and see them, because they sounded so common of an experience, at that time. This is the main meat of the story, short and to the (dull) point. Additional information to assist in verification of my statement. I haven't dug into my old papers to prove this date to within one week. But the base paper "Mach Meter" if you get an old copy carried the news about the lights being installed. next (if I remember as correct as possible) that the local news paper from Clovis New Mexico (near the Texas border, near lobbuck texas) ran a story about the UFS's seen in the night time sky. The rough year 1975-1976. My guess is that the visitors were interested in this big bright spot that reciently appeared on this planet. This is my guess. The base and town newspaper could be researched to verify the exact dates. Now to add some info that may seem to push the boundry some. Susposidely (I got from talking with others (crew chief-OMS)) that Blue section had launched a few sorties after the fly day had finished. I don't remember the quanity, about 3 to 6 jets, were launched LATE in the day/evening, or night if you wish, that is strange, ok, but another item being that at that particular time frame, blue section was the only jets that were capeable/fully functional (FMC) of firing their gun. ?? that is strange also. Note that the gun was not being used very much, IF ANY on MOST of the F-111's. Please do not release or print this part. Please. I worked ((Paragraph of personal career data deleted))

Posted 1999-01-28

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