Occurred: 1972-08-15 01:00:00 Local
Location: Toronto (Canada), ON, Canada
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 240 minutes
No of observers: 4
Reported: 1998-05-18 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2000-12-02 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Landed

Witnessed glowing sphere land in middle of urban area, had confirmation from authorities.

This took place in the summer of 1972, possibly mid-august, in Toronto Canada. On summer visit to grandmother's house there, I and my best friend (teenagers at the time) noted that the dark kitchen was lit up like daylight at 1 a.m... but it was strange orange light... running to window, we saw enormous orange sphere more than six storeys tall landing in an open ravine area beyond local business district, which was visible from the window there. We watched for some time as the craft settled slowly into the clearing beyond apartment buildings 2 blocks away... no sound, but so bright it lit up the whole neighborhood. When it landed, one could still see the top of it over top of the apt blocks (hence estimation of more than 6 storeys tall when landed)... We had NO fear, wanted to go down there and see up close, but grandmother and aunt woke up in our commotion and forbid us to go. Grandmother (a retired school teacher) and Aunt (a CBC television costume designer) saw craft as well as us. Called my parents in California to get my Dad to aid in keeping us girls in the house, he remembers this call. Aunt suggested I call police. Police operator answered and I suddenly lost my voice, didn't know what to say... stammmered umm umm... she said "you calling from Forest Hill?" I said I was. "You calling about the flying saucer" I said I was. (her words) "Can you see it now?" I said I could. "Can you see the hi rises from where you are?" I said I could. She then said "Everyone in those hi-rises has already called us." She went on to tell me that they were telling people to stay in their houses, and that patrol cars were in the area to investigate. We watched for more than another hour, the craft still visible on the ground beyond the hi rises. Eventually my aunt made us go to bed. We lay on the floor and listened to Toronto all night talk radio, and all the calls were about the sighting. Eventually we fell asleep on the floor in front of the radio, waking at daybreak, at which point we ran down to the area, and found NO signs of anything. No flattened grass, singed ground, nothing. We tried to call talk radio and got told that "they were taking no more calls about flying saucers. Toronto is a busy city and there is lots more important stuff going on." There was nothing in either newspaper (telegram or star) and we called both newsrooms to be told that reputable papers didn't bother with silly nonsense like flying saucers. We called the police and were told that the night before there were some reports of some sort of prank in our area (Forest Hill Village - an upper class neighborhood in the middle of the city) but that investigating officers had found no signs of anything out of the ordinary. The Sphere was perfectly round, noiseless, and glowed with an amazing shade of pure clear orange light that entirely lit up the neighborhood bright as day. It took about 20 minutes to land gently in the field beyond the aprtments. The field is still there 20 years later, between Spadina and Bathhurst, this took place just beyond the intersection of Lonsdale and Spadina in the middle of Forest Hill there... After it landed we could still see the top of it over the buildings between it and us, but with no movement and no sound, after a couple of hours we were almost bored, and frustrated that we were not being allowed out of the house for a closer look. The police operator told me that everyone in these hirises (also visible to us) had called them, she seemed to be caught up in it at the moment, I consider the police operator to have verified this sighting to me. I have filed reports of this sighting with a few other researchers and groups over the years, because I can't believe I'm the only witness still around, it had to have been seen by many people, the police operator told me their lines were ringing off the hook... (remember in '72 they didn't have caller ID even at the police station, she ASKED me if I was in Forest Hill) Today I am 41, mother of a teenager, work as the station manager of a local cable company community access television channel here in B.C.'s gulf islands... am college educated, don't drink or smoke... I know what I saw, remember the entire incident vividly. The aunt and grandmother who saw this with me are dead now, but my father is here and alive and remembers the telephone call from my aunt when my friend (who is traceable) and I were so intent to go outside and get a closer look at this "object"

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