NUFORC Sighting 3494

Occurred: 1998-04-26 23:50 Local
Reported: 1998-04-27 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30min
No of observers: 2

Location: Comer, GA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

on 4/25-26/98, a strange object was seen in the southern sky b/w 23:50 & 0:20. it hovered high in sky, moved quickly to southeast, hovered, then moved back to the south, hovered for 20min, then disappeared.

Between 23:50 & 0:20 on 04/25-26/98, my brother and I observed a peculiar object moving around in the southern sky, approx. 40 degrees above the horizon. The object was seen with the naked eye and 7x35 binoculars. It was a dull red, more of a glow than an actual color. it had an apparent length of maybe .25-.5 inches. The shape was like that of a disk seen almost edge on. The object was symetrical, appearing fuzzy at the edges, and the center was more focused and somewhat brighter. These details were seen only through the binoculars, not the naked eye. It maintained the same color and shape and orientation in the sky (meaning the object's flat shape stayed flat relative to the earth's surface, horizontal, never vertical or whatever). It moved towards the north slightly, maybe only a few degrees. As seen through the binoculars, the object hovered at times and jiggled or moved only slightly. Then around midnight the object abruptly moved to the southeast, almost 45 degrees, where it stayed for about a minute, then quickly moved back to where it was before in the south. I had a difficult time following the object due to it moving so fast. It stayed around 35-45 degrees above the horizon. The stars in the background (in the binoculars) were very out of focus, meaning the object was close to us, how close, it's difficult to say, a few hundred feet or thousands of feet, I don't know. The object moved out of focus twice, causing me to adjust the focus of the binoculars. It appeared to move closer, slightly growing in size, then back, all within a minutes time. Then around 0:20, it dissapeared. I was a physics major in college, and I do a little amateur astronomy as a hobby, so I know the difference b/w a star or an airplane or a meteor or whatever and what it was that I saw. I really have no clue as to what it was, but by it's motion and shape, it was NOT man made or some natural phenomenon. The weather conditions were good, a little haze around the horizon, but clear otherwise. So we had no trouble seeing the thing. I am nearsighted, that's why I could not see it without the binoculars, but my brother has better vision than I, and he could see it quite well w/o aid. My brother is 15 and I am 21. We live in a rural area, so there are no extranious lights or other sundry things around that could ever be mistaken for a ufo. Airplanes do come over our area quite frequently, but at high altitudes. Because we see planes as often as we do, we definately know the difference b/w one and what we saw. Plus, the object didn't blink like the lights on a plane do. Or move in a specific pattern, either. Simply moved around and glowed the same shade of dull red the whole time, staying in the same general area, except when it moved over to the southeast.

Posted 2002-09-19

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