Occurred: 1968-01-15 19:30:00 Local
Location: Memramcook (Canada), NB, Canada
Shape: Other
Duration: +- 15 min ??
No of observers: 4
Reported: 2004-02-07 21:35:50 Pacific
Posted: 2004-02-12 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Car sized flashing light followed silently overhead

I am now 49 and this occurred when I was aproximately 13 to 14 years old and living in the small French Acadian village of Cormier's Cove in the Memramcook Valley New Brunswick. It was early evening around 7 or 8 in the evening in mid Winter. A lot of fresh snow had fallen and it's surface had a crisp crust to it under a bright winter moon.

We lived on a long country road about 30 minutes from Moncton and it's airport. This road is due North and lines up with the airport where in the distance it's beacon can be seen at night.

My mother had asked if I would go to the store a few houses away and get something needed for the home. I called my friend and cousin from across the street to go with me. We could see across the valley for miles. No clouds in the sky, the moon was out and the stars were crisp. As we neared the store, my cousin and I remarked how in the North in the direction of the airport, a bright red light could be seen and it must be a plane or something. Both our fathers worked at the airport and we both had a facination with aircrafts and flying.

We entered the store and within a few minutes we were outside on our way home but we soon noticed that now above the house with the store and behind us was a large red half-ball and it was folowing us. It was about 30 feet high, silent, about the size of a small car and it was flashing similarly to a police light.

If you took a red glass ball, painted the top black, and then painted a wide black band dividing the base into two red wedges, and then placed a rotating light within it. Mind you, we could clearly see the two base of the half-orb but I did not see anything above it.

A moment of fear came over us and we wanted to go back into the store but it meant going towards this and since it was not making any noise and slowly moving towards us, we turned and walked South towards our two homes. I remember vividly walking home all the while being accompanied by this flashing light. We were scared as we walked but it kept the same distance from us on our way home.

From this point to us getting in front of our houses, I have a feeling of dis-jointed time. As if something happened or that of missing time. I don't know.

All of a sudden, my cousin and I are standing on the road directly between our two houses. We were scared and didn't want to seperate but wanted to get inside quickly. We decided to split and run at the same time and both of us ran into our respective homes.

When I got in, my mother and several of my siblings (big family with 12 kids) could see that something had scared me. Several of my sisters saw it through the back windows as the object just passed over our house and went towards the river about a mile away and then turn North again.

This has been etched in my mind for over 35 years and I still can't figure what it was or what happenned to us between the store and us getting home.


Date is approximate. PD

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