Occurred: 1972-05-01 01:00:00 Local
Location: New Mexico (rural, northern part of), NM, USA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 5-10 minutes
No of observers: 0
Reported: 2004-01-30 15:48:19 Pacific
Posted: 2004-01-31 00:00:00

Out of Body Experience not caused by drugs

While traveling from northern New Mexico towards Sante Fe, the road suddenly became wavey in my vision. I slowly became paralyzed and had an out of body experience -- but fully conscious. It was definitely a "super"conscious experience. Exactly how long it lasted, am not sure. But when I regained normal consciousness the road retuned to normal and I still had my hands on the steering wheel and foot on the gas pedal and still driving -- the road was definitely straight. I did not notice any bright lights or flying objects, before or after the experience. It might have been something electromagnetic that had been set up on both sides of the road as I passed by...but being dark out, did not notice. Whether this type of experience is caused by a strong electromagnetic field am not sure. But what else could have caused it?????


Date is approximate. PD

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