Occurred: 1979-10-10 22:00 Local
Reported: 1998-04-19 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30mins.
No of observers: 10

Location: Security, CO, USA

Shape: Unknown

very low clouds all different colors,search lights were seen shining down out of the clouds on the houses and streets. this event was seen all over the city of colorado springs colorado and was reported on the local news broadcast. never did hear anymore about the event. news media joked about it and everyone was told that it was the araroa boreralis .

the clouds approached from the north very slowly,and were very low to the ground,i would say they were about 500 feet from the ground and many different colors, some light pink,light blue,light green,light yellow. the lights we saw come out of the clouds were bright white like search lights.the lights would move in circular motions and were shining on the houses and streets. they would flash off and on and did this for about 30 mins. as i remember there were about 10 of us standing in a group talking about what we were seeing . our whole block on inca drive in security, co. were outside watching this event take place. when the event ended the lights and the clouds vanished rapidly. everyone went back into their homes and turned on the news report to see if there was any reports on the events that had taken place. the news media gave out a report that what everyone was seeing was the araroa boreralis,and they had received alot of reports of people seeing ufos. the news media laughed and said it was because the movie close encounter of the third kind had just been aired on t.v. none of us buy their story . i lived in alaska for 10 years and never did see anything like that looking nlike the araoa boreralis.

Posted 1999-01-28

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