Occurred: 1992-01-06 20:00:00 Local
Location: Windover (near), UT, USA
Shape: Egg
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2003-12-20 03:18:59 Pacific
Posted: 2004-01-17 00:00:00
Characteristics: Electrical or magnetic effects

I may have met Ezekiel’s "wheels within wheels"

I may have met Ezekiel’s "wheels within wheels." This is my story: In spring of 1992 I flew out to Salt Lake City for a 2 week long business trip. While there I rented a fast card and for fun I drove it out to The Bonneville Salt Flats near Windover, about 100 miles west of Salt Lake City. I spent the afternoon seeing how fast my rental car would go on the salt flats and otherwise just exploring and appreciating the beauty of the unique environment of the vast salt flats. It is so vast that at some point in the middle I could perceive the curvature of the Earth as I could see nothing but salt as it stretched out and met the horizon and the clear blue sky. As the Sun began to set over the far mountains to the west I headed back to the access ramp and got back on the highway toward Salt Lake City.

As I drove east and as the Sun set further I could see a car about a mile in front of me as it just turned on its tail lights and then there was another car about a mile in front of it. I noticed as we drove for about an hour the entire time we all seemed to maintain the same relative position, about a mile apart as we traveled. I set my cruise control for 78 MPH and just pointed the car straight as an arrow east toward my destination. Twilight began as all shadows disappeared and some stars began to appear in the sky.

Out in the distance I was suddenly alarmed to see four extraordinary objects as they were bouncing and tumbling and heading directly towards me head-on! They were large globular shaped bodies about 1 meter in height, not quite round and not quite consistent in form. They were translucent so that I could clearly see an inner nucleus that was complex beyond my comprehension and appeared like many lights or eyes. I could see each of them was spinning inside like a wheel within a wheel.

Before I could react they overtook me. I braced for impact but then felt nothing as the tumbling objects passed right through the car. I turned my head and followed them with my eyes and saw them clearly as they continued rolling and spinning out the back of the car. I turned my head to put my eyes back on the road in from of me and immediately I saw four more objects heading directly for me.

These objects were like dark shadows of the others, slightly larger, duplicating their shape and motion exactly. Again before I could react they overtook me, but this time I felt a massive impact that slowed the vehicle instantly from 78 to about 45 mph. As before I watched the objects go through the car and out the back and then continue tumbling and spinning and following the four objects that were before them.

I turned my head back to the front as I noticed a loss of power and saw the check engine lights indicating my car had stalled. I restarted the engine and began to bring the car back up to speed. I looked once more behind me and saw nothing but road and darkness.

At this time I overtook the car that had been traveling a mile in from of me for the past hour. It was moving slowly and erratically as it struggled along in the slow lane. As I thought about why that car had been moving so slowly, I saw the next car pulled over and parked on the shoulder with its hood up and the occupants standing around looking somewhat confused.

It was only a few seconds afterwards that I realize that the objects must have caused these other vehicles to stall as did mine. By this time I was at least ¼ mile down the highway and there was no way to turn around, so I continued on my way.

Although my car was normal after restarting the engine I do have some form of physical evidence to indicate something odd had happened that day. To past the time I had setup a portable CD player and connected it to the car’s audio system with a cassette adapter. It was playing at the time of the incident and at the same time that my engine stalled the CD player died. Later I tried to have it repaired but I was told it was "burned out" by some kind of electrical overload. Beyond this small piece of evidence I will tell you I have never felt quite the same since, but for me I felt somehow enhanced knowing there’s something else out there.


Date is approximate. We would welcome reports from the other individuals who allegedly experienced the event. If the event actually occurred to them, I suspect they certainly would recall it, and the details surrounding the alleged event. PD

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