NUFORC UFO Sighting 33718

Occurred: 1996-07-01 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-12-10 16:32 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Lumpkin, GA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams

Stewart County sighting in 1996, New Story Never Heard Before Til Now. " I was as close as 30 yards away"

Ive been holdin on to this imformation for years, thinking that maybe it could have just been some unknown or known military arcraft out of fort benning georiga, but over time, ive began to hear the same description from other people. what i do know is that what i saw was very strange....around the summer time of 1996, me and a friend were 15/16 years old camping, we decided to go riding the country roads looking for deer or just something to get into. 5 miles west of lumpkin georgia on hwy. 39 connector/canyon rd., we came around a curve about 11:00pm, there was a bright light that caught our eye about the same time, on the northern side of the road right across the road from this little out in the country poor lookin grocery store, as we got closer, we were kinda shaken up, because we had just prior to seeing this thing, talking about u.f.o.s. We were sober, not under the influence of our previous conversation or any kind of drug i can assure you. This craft was aprox. 35 to 40 yards wide, 8 to 12 yards from top to bottom, Circular shaped. It was hovering with almost no sound right above this old abandoned house with pecan trees around it. The craft had to be right at treetop level. coming up to this craft i seen it had two visible red lights, one at each end in the center of top and bottom. upon getting closer, i realized that the red lights were revolving around the craft at some speed, only the ones at each end would be at an angle for them to be seen from any standing point. There was a great white/off white light beaming down directly from the bottom all the way to the ground, almost like it was pulsing very quickly. by this time i was only about 30 yards from the craft, and i was proceeding directly under it almost to the left side of it. i looked out my window, stopped, the light underneath it shut off, and it began slowly moving off to the north-east, I got a birds eye view of the bottom of this thing. Its very hard to explain, i could draw it better, but ill try anyway, It was! circular, but underneath, it had the shape of a spiter, six to eight large steel looking arms extending from the middle to the edges, like a star shape from the bottom of it, there was very little sound, and my car was almost directly underneath this thing, it was only probubly 30 feet in the sky above me, in these spiter like legs, they were turning at what looked like a high speed, i seen heat vapors coming from under it, like when you look on top of a hot black top road, you see the blur of the heat rising. the outside edge that held the red lights was spinning, it was night, i did not get a perfect look at the thing, but i got a real good look at the bottom of it and sides. no flying craft that i know of consist of a 40 yard wide circle, that can hover above your head at 30 feet, make no noise hardly, and drift off like that, once it moved up over the trees about 200 yards away, it was like it just vanished, no sound, no light, the moment it went over the trees out of my sight, it was like it was long gone, it must have picked up some serious speed, but i did not see it. whatever was inside had to have seen me, cause i stood out in the road with a big mag light lookin at the bottom as it passed almost directly over us. it felt as if i caught it off guard when i came around the curve, cause i was going over 90 mph, i snuck up on it, the big white light underneath cut off, and then it started movin off, and thats when i seen the bottom of it. The reason for me not telling anyone about this until years later,...well i didnt know who to tell lol. Aint never really thought of tellin my story, but i figured some people might find it useful. since ive been watching on tv, and ive seen where people drawed what they seen and it looks almost exacally what ive seen, actually i could add to their drawing the missing pieces. I have no reason to file a hoax, Im not lookin for anyone to say anything back to me, or for anyone to post this, but feel free to if you want. Ive yet to see anything suspicious in stewart ! county since 1996.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2003-12-19

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