NUFORC Sighting 33090

Occurred: 2003-11-08 20:00 Local
Reported: 2003-11-13 23:49 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: London (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

CLear veiw of very large craft on night of Moon eclipse

I am the partner to the person who filed the anon report from London Ontario on this date, I am willing to be contacted after being informed by my partner that other reports of a similiar behaving object were also reported on this date in the geographic area at on or around the same time.

It was just before the full eclipse, I know the time approx from reading prior when the full point was to be reached just after 8pm local. It was in the final of eclipse. I had been outside in a dark area of the yard, I had been observing the moon, mars in the south, air traffic, and was looking also for sattelites by this time, which i have several times seen after my eyes get adjusted. Looking east at the moon, at a point 10 degree south and 1 o'clock high to my position i detected movement very far up, at first i filtered it out cause it was unlike any other movement i have seen in the sky before. I had nothing to compare this too and initially dismissed it. It came from very high up, outside the atmosphere i would have to say. It moved oddly..a translucent shifted/wobbled/fluttred its way to a point se at 30 degree altitude and settled a few degrees lower. I have observed aircraft since a child at boing feild in Renton, seen the harrier, sr-71, f-18's tail dance on the tarmac at airshows, and i recall being unable to identify what i was seeing cause i had no real world anything to compare it too. I was thinking..thats not civilian, and then out loud to my partner I said "Is that military?" Can you see that thing, Can you see it? and she responded to an affirmative, and she asked what is it" and i replied i dont know, keep your eyes on it. I was standing all this time and i forced myself to move so as to take bearing on it. I was having difficulty judging its size. It was either footballs feilds in size about a mile away or Really big farther away. I noticed two things right away. the whole area...just lost sound and when i made sound it went into the direction of the craft. WHat I saw was the Back end of a craft. There was a length to it forward that i was unable to get clear veiw of, but the back end of it showed as a wide thick rectangle. there were three round areas spaced evenly apart where light of changing hot colours emitted on the extreme ends, twinkling. I could see detail of the ! structure. the surface showed no indication of conformance to aerodynamic principles of smoothness, intead it showed angular extruded surfaces. It was white surfacing. The craft reminds me of battlestar galactica craft it was flatish white and some areas were highly illuminated. The whole craft semed to shift and then it could be seen sitting where it was, or its lights went off, like it blinked or the light was bending/flashing around it. There was more than one moment where everything was black and just the six round hot lights in the sky and I thought of ballons when i realized this craft was floating in the air stationary. It took over a minute for it to come down from up high and settle where i could see itlike this and I got to see it like this for about 10 seconds at least. It did a wiggle quite visibly and it started to ease forward and then it darted ahead, I called out behind me " It's leaving" to my partner and sked if she was seeing it taking off and she said yes. this craft was big, very big for us to have observed it as it travelled across the southern most/east, or south portion of the sky. It increased speed in jerk and I exclaimed verbally how fast it was and got a ya from my partner. It sped south and then angled/deflected west into clouds or ?. About a minute or two later a thing i have also never seen before came flying at low angle from the east. It was bright, lite yellow/white glowing object in or out of the clouds the light of it showed, it was not round but an angled shpe of "glow". it travelled in a straight line. I was moving accross the horizon so fast i puzzled if it was up close, I accept the fact that this was a large object far away travelling at very high speed. I felt rather than heard its passing, it was radiating but not at what my ears pick up maybe. i think,it too did something to the sound. It travelled from east to west like the first craft and was gone.. We waited outside listening and looking. The moon was gone and the area was now clouding over and after anothe! r 10 minutes went inside to warm, my partner started to talk about it and i said stop, you go draw what you saw and ill go draw what i saw.

We drew and had saw the same rectangular object, we both agreed it had fluttred down. She clearly recognized it to be machinery/craft, but was unsure initially of size and distance. we both saw the same set of three lights and the rectangle backend of the craft and some structure forward. When the craft moved forward the pair of three round ligt areas remained constant in spread apart and facing direction.

We kept asking ourselves if we had just seen what we had seen. And the answer was always yes, we were not intoxicated and the drawings proved to us we had both seen the object, which I cannot deny was clearly an intelligent or purposeful moving craft that I SAW come down from very high up hover and do a systems check or something and then move south in quickening/blink/shudders/hops forward. My Partner is a Doctoral Candidate in information sciences, I am a late 30's software consultant with a background in oilfeild exploration and commercial diving. I have good eyesight. I know that what i saw was big, came from way high up, hovered so i could see the round engine ports of some sort, and that after a breif time, it moved out at very fast speed. It was soooo obviously a space craft that i was left knowing somehow that I am primitive, stuck on a planet of socially primitive beings. Additional details and impressions. I saw or had sense that a number of things or objects were moving around in the air, but got no clear site of them if there were, but feelings that i get when bats or birds or bees, mosquitos, came up at the time and i tried scanning a bit with my eyes, the returned to trying to focus on the craft, which could be only for a second before it twinkled, blacked out or twisted light around itself. I also felt scanned, or as if i was being watched, that is a clear unmistakable fact that i felt that, and we both expressed the fact to each other of having felt it..being looked at.

When the second craft, the glowing object, I gotta confess, I was all senses lit up and very spooked and ready. I kept us outside, quiet for long enough to establish that there wasnt imediate nearby detctable action then went in and did best to establish to myself what i had seen. After we agreed that what we saw was a spaceship, we both got quiet, she went onto the internet, I made some more checks on the night sky that was now cloudy, then sat down and went over everything I had just saw.

I am known to have a photographic memory. We both know what we saw and we are both wondering what kindof peoples are we that interplanetary society is ignoring us, or blatantly moving about so. We are evaluating everything we know in respect of implications on our ...human society with respect to why a clearly advanced society or intelligence is not being acknowledged in our common daily understanding or is about the planet and ignoring us. Are we observed to be unsociable? Clearly this planet was visited by a spaceship on the above date and time, it is now a fact that I am going to have to live with. Being as I am relatively young something tells me that this is not the last time that I will have direct knowledge of these objects, and the implications will some how be made manifest.

I also realize now that the object moved in such ways that my brain kept trying to interject that it was not there, as it moved in speeds/shifts that i had no prior knowledge to confirm it too. I am confident now that having the experience that i can anticipate the movements of these objects and tune an movementy awareness for them, much like training the eyes to see sattellites as opposed to aircraft or stars.


We presume the date of the alleged sighting was in the year 2003. We have altered the date above to 2003. PD

Posted 2003-11-26

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