NUFORC UFO Sighting 33089

Occurred: 1997-08-15 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-11-13 22:31 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Robertson County, TX, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object

Mother-Ship, preceded by four helicopters and some other craft with a red, circular light.

I fully understand that people often do not report in a public manner having seen what seemed to be a UFO experience for YEARS. I fully understand, because I have lived it.

My husband (at that time) and I lived in very rural Robertson County, Texas, a beautiful area with tens of thousands of trees. We had many neighbors, all living on 10 to 50 acres of land, and lots of uninhabited land in between us, a peaceful, rural area of Texas.

We lived there 9 years. When this happened, we had been living there maybe 8 years. (As a footnote, my former husband lives there now.) We call our place, "Hole in the Woods".

What happened was this. We lived in a silver, metal, aluminum luxury-type mobile hunting lodge, about as big as one can transport behind a truck, 33', with a travel license. Of course, it had been immobile since we trucked it in those many years ago. It was our home.

When home, we had serenity! So did our neighbors. The closest town was Bryan, Texas, (15 miles), twin city to College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University.

Well, my husband had gone to bed. I was sitting in the living room, which had a view out of a 8' picture window of the beautiful southern sky, enjoying the silhouetted view of a tree-line that was just past a 50' power line cut. I was peaceful, I was happy, I was just minding my own business. I'd lived there, and looked at this view, for years.

What happened next rocked my world. And I do MEAN, ROCKED. Suddenly, a massive sound started, and then, as I was LOOKING out my window, four helicopters were flying directly towards the window, at an amazingly low altitude. It seemed to me they were not hardly far above the top of the major power poles crossing the land. Not very far over them. The sound became deafening, I saw the four helicopters, in a rectangular pattern, two in front, two behind, so low, so loud, that the ground, the house, everything was shaking! I was freaked out. And then, to make matters worse, beside the back two helicopters, off to the left (from my perspective) I saw also a somewhat pale, but definitely red, round light flying in what seemed to be in tandum with the back left helicopter. I noticed that it seemed to not be making any sound, and I sensed a body, but couldn't see one. But the overwhelming experience was, the horribly loud sound of those four helicopters so close to the ground! Shaking everything with their roar.

This came upon me very quickly and I was overcome with confusion, and seeing the red light also confounded my experience. Next thing that happened was that my husband came stumbling out of our room, from a deep sleep, yelling, What in the hell was THAT.

I told him what I'd just seen. The noise was now gone, and he went back to bed. I was left sitting in my chair with an uncomfortable thought, aliens. What if they landed in the woods and are coming to our house! Believe me, I had never spent any time thinking about aliens! I had not purposely ever read one single thing about aliens. But I had a memory of having read that sometimes, helicopters signal alien craft. Why I thought of that I don't know, what I knew at that moment was, I was feeling afraid that those helicoptes had maybe landed in the woods and aliens might be coming towards my house.

So, my husband had gone back to bed, and although I was a little uncomfortable, I guess, I just sort of "got over it". NOT FOR LONG. I was still looking out the window at the sky. After about 5 minutes (this is an ESTIMATE), I saw something that to this day I don't know what I saw. But I know what my mind thought I was seeing.

Suddenly, lights in a line, "dropped" into view in my window. My mind said, "Oh my God, a Mother-Ship." It was GIGANTIC. And sure enought, that damned thing kept dropping down, and I could see an outline in lights of what looked to me to be a mother-ship. Believe me, I didn't think about or believe in alien spacecraft AT ALL. And it was moving closer. I sort of freaked. I started screaming, "((name deleted)), ((name deleted)), get up. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!" My husband came stumbling out of our room again, and I frantically pointed out to him what I was seeing. He immediately said, let's go outside. He ran out the door, and I ran out behind him, down the side of our building. But I panicked before I got to the end of the house, and turned around and ran inside, honestly, holding my hands on the side of my head, scared to pieces! When my husband came in, what he told me, I refused to believe. I refused to believe it so much that I don't remember what he told me he saw. I would be lying if I tried to re-create what he said. What he and I both know is that for the next couple of months, we were "suspicous" of what might happen in the night sky which we had been so familiar with.

Nervous about it, to be honest. I kind of didn't want to look at the night sky, afraid something would receive a signal from me and appear.

Less than two weeks later, my husband and I were driving home from work, about 1/2 a mile from home, down our winding, curving lane (Taylor Road), not thinking about anything, when we came into a clear place on the road, the only clear place on the way home down Taylor Road, and we were just looking forward, driving, when we both saw another spaceship. Just happened. There was this huge Texas blue sky, with a huge billowly white cloud in it. And so help us both, we just both accidently were looking at the sky, when a UFO came flying out of that cloud, shrouded, zoomed forward and then zoomed back into the cloud. We just looked at each other and said, did you see that? End of story.

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Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2003-11-26

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