NUFORC Sighting 33039

Occurred: 2003-11-02 18:00 Local
Reported: 2003-11-12 11:59 Pacific
Duration: 5-7 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Forest Lake, MN, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams, Changed Colo

Saw a triangular shaped craft that emmitted a beam directly at us and then followed over the top of our vehicle for a short distance.

On Sunday, November 2, 2003 my husband, my fifteen year old daughter and myself were coming home from a housewarming party we had attended for a co-worker of mine who lives in St. Paul. We left her house that evening around 5:15-5:30 PM and drove our vehicle heading north on HWY 61 from the eastside of St. Paul to our destination in Forest Lake. We had so much fun at the party that I turned off the radio in my SUV so we could talk all the way home about the good time we had. There was a slight chill in the air that night, so I had the heater on blowing out heat, but the skies over us were dark but very clear. As we approached Forest Lake on HWY 61 I was driving and my husband was in the passengers seat had reached over to turn off the fan for the heater. We just started to reach town and had driven almost 26 miles now and our vehicle was quite warm on the inside. The only sound was our discussion and the sound of the tires on the road. At this time my daughter had taken out her prizes she had won from playing games at the housewarming party. She won some nice jewlery and wanted my husband and I to look at it. I turned and took a quick coutesy glance because I was driving and my husband began to examine her prizes. We could see because we had now started to come into the out skirts of Forest Lake and there were street lights that some what lit up the inside of the vehicle. I turned my gaze back to the road and off into the distance and coming from the east towards the west I saw some blinking lights. At first I thought nothing of it, it must be a plane because we have a small air field on the south edge of town. But on further examination the lights seemed to be different somehow. They were different colors and seemed to be blinking faster than a plane would, almost in a sequence or pattern. This had captured my attention and I could not take my eyes off of it. I said to my husband and daughter, "look you guys, over there up in the sky,what is it?" My husband said, "where! ?" I said, "over to the right." "It is coming from over by the chain of lakes this way." I slowed my speed way down as I drove because we were approaching the south end of town. I had noticed the lights blinking in the sky as I just passed the first set of stoplights on HWY 61 coming into Forest Lake. I said to my husband, "what is it?" He said, "ah,it's only a plane." But we all continued to watch it. As we headed up to the second set of stop lights I had notice the blinking lights became closer but still far enough away up in the sky for the shape to be unreckonizable. The lights no longer were moving from east to west, but were now hovering to the right of HWY 61 above the homes behind the businesses that line HWY 61. When we reached the stop light it was red and all three of us saw the lights stop blinking but they were still lit and the object quit hovering. It proceeded from east to west so that it was above HWY 61 and then all of a sudden went in reverse and backed up very quickly, almost like it was lining itself up for something. At this point my husband looked down to push the button to make the power window go down because I had said to him, look it just went backwards! He said, "I saw that!" That is why he wanted the window down so he could hear the sound that propellers make if a helicopter is overhead. I said to my husband,"that is no plane!" I asked him again, "what is it?" He said, it is a helicopter, but I do not hear any sound. He was busy pushing the button to make his window go all the way down, my daughter was putting her prizes away and I was looking straight ahead as we sat at the red light at the intersection of 11th and HWY 61. I was in the lefthand turn lane to go west on 11th towards our home. As I pondered what this might be for that split second. All of a sudden this so called helicopter flashed a large beam of light down directly at us. It flashed me right in the face. I said to my husband and daughter in the back seat that object just flashed us. "WH! Y?" My husband who had his windown down by now said, "that is a search light, they must be looking for someone or something." I told him, no. This was different. It was a light like a camera flash but as bright as fireworks, but only aimed directly at us in a beam. My husband at this time stuck his head out of the window to hear for the sound of a helicopter. He said, "what the heck?" "I do not hear anything!" So my daughter had pushed the button to make her window go down and stuck her head out the window too and she could not hear anything either. But the object was too far up in the sky for us to make out the shape and form. We only seen lights and at this point they were no longer blinking. My husband noticed in the car next to us was a family looking at the same object in the sky. They were not in the turn lane like us, but heading north on 61 into town He said the father was on the drivers side and mother on the passesngers side in the frontseat. They were looking straight ahead as if frightened, but there were two teenage girls in the back and they were looking out their side windows up at the object and he thought one was rolling her window down and was sticking her head out to get a better look at this thing that just flashed us. At this point I said to my husband and daughter maybe it is one of those experimental government planes and they are taking it out for a spin and trying it out, but it bothered me that they flashed this light down right in our faces. Well, at this point the stoplight finally turned green,it is a long light. We could finally go and we thought we had seen the last of this object for good. Both my husband and my daughter still had their windows down trying to hear for some sound, any type of sound. There was none. As I made the turn they started to make a rukus about something. So I turned to look in the direction they were looking and what I saw out my husbands window was this object come from the sky where we could only see it as lights and it wisked ! its way down to tree level. "Oh, my God!" What is it? My husband stuck half of his body out of the rolled down window and my daughter stuck her head out the window and I peered through the front window upward driving very very slowly. What was now directly above us we could not believe our eyes! We were all seeing it very clearly. Looking upwards we could see the underneath of this object. What we seen was a large triangular craft. The top point of the triangle was in the front and pointing the same direction as the headlights on our SUV as I headed west on 11th Avneue. This tip had a light in the point, maybe a couple feet wide. The two other points forming the back (base of triangle) of the craft had also had the same lights in the tips. When it first hovered above us these lights were a light yellowish glow. Glow meaning the lights did not illuminate on us or the road beneath the craft. This triangular craft was an equal lateral triangle, all sides the same length. The craft hovered directly above us and followed us down the road a short distance. It was just above the tree tops as it followed us. The craft was as wide as the road from shoulder to shoulder and was approximately a school bus and and half large. My husband is better with measurements than I am, but I am the one filling out this report so bear with me. As the craft slowly moved along above us, I was going about 25-30 mph it changed the color of the lights underneath located in the tips of the triangle. The front one was now red and the other two, green and blue. The outside edges were glowing with a yelowishgreen light all the way around the outside perimeter of the craft and also the same thing aprox. 2-3 feet inward. The middle of the triangle was dark against the night sky, but could not see the stars through it so we knew it was solid. My husband has good eyesight and does not wear glasses he saw the underneath with half of his body stuck out of the window. My daughter her whole head was out of the window look! ing up. There was absolutely no sound! I said to my husband and daughter this is awesome, kind of like being in a movie because this is something you do not see everyday. My daughter got scared. She said, "you guys, I think this is a UFO we are seeing and it is really scarey!" I tried to assure her, but did not know what to say. I told her maybe it is just a government experiment we are seeing, knowing it could be something more. My husband said, "well all I know for sure is no one can tell me this is a weather balloon." As the craft followed us a short distance it went a little faster ahead so it was right infront of us still at tree level. At this moment I noticed that I had this trucker without a load and just his rigg behind me right on my back bumper and he was practically running me off of the road. But I held my ground. Then the craft shot straight up directly over us and higher than the trees so it could navigate over them. Once it was up in the air it shot very quickly south over the trees and then down again. At this point we could only see the red light and it seemed to skim across Clear Lake and disappear. We could no longer see it through the trees. The trucker behind us was going hysterical all over the road. We finally turned off of 11th and the trucker drove fast and furiously down the road toward the other side of Clear Lake. We think he was either following it or trying to get away from it. When we got home we were so amazed by what we saw none of us spoke about it until the next day. When I went to work I told a co-worker who was at the housewarming party. She knew me and I felt she would not make fun of me for sharing this expeience with her. Later that evening my husband and I talked about it, asking each other what was the flash and could there possibly be any explanation for what we seen. The next morning at work I spoke with the same gal and told her we could not forget what we seen because it made such an immpression on us. That morning I got on the internet! and looked up planes to see if there were any shaped like a triangle, not really expecting to find any, but had to look none the same. Then I thought about what my daughter had said and I typed in the acronymn UFO for "unidentified flying object". My search engine brought up this site and on the home page as I scrolled down was a rough drawing of what I had seen. I grabbed my co-worked after she hung up the phone and brought her over to my computer to show her the drawing on the web page. She could not believe her eyes that it was there exactly how I decribed it. I confided in a few others as they too overheard our discussion. They know me and can vouche for my character. This is not something I would make up. I spoke with my husband at lunch that day and we were concerned about the flash we received. We wanted to find a way to get in touch with those present that night. I called one of the local newspapers and asked the gal who answered the phone if anyone called in to report something strange or unusual in the sky over Forest Lake Sunday night. She laughed and said "no". I then called the competition newspaper and was able to speak with a reporter who to print the story and wanted our names and possibly picures. He said, sounds like you seen a UFO and having our names will make it seem legitamate. This way if someone saw it they could call the newspaper and get in touch with us. I told him, not with out my husbands permission, I would call him back the next day. When I did he never answered the phone so I left a message. After talking with my husband he did not want our identity given out since we live in such a small community and we are active members in one of the larger churches in town. He did not want us to suffer harassment or to be humiliated by those not believing our story. We both however are concerned about this beam of light flashing us and are concerned about what it could do to our health. We were wondering if others who may have had similar experiences could somehow ! get through to us through this website and contact us to let us know if there are any side effects or long term conditions that arise as a result to being exposed to this beam of light. At his point I want to say to the readers of my report that all three of us, my husband, my daughter and myself are church attending Christians. We live in a small, but growing community. We are respected members of our community and church and live busy lives. My husband and myself both are employed and hold responsible full-time positions and my daughter has been in classes for gifted children and currently in advanced classes. My husband and I are both educated and above average intelligence. We have no need to make a fraudulent claim and waste our time and yours reading this report. In our busy lives up until now there has not been a lot of time to spend contemplating the existence of what we have seen. This sighting has changed the way we view things and we will never be able to look at the night sky the same way. If there is a logical explanation for what we saw we want to find it. If there is not we will realize that this is probably a once in a lifetime experience. Thank-You for reading our story and if you have any experience with being flashed with a beam of light from a triangular craft we would like to know about it. Please contact the wonderful people who dedicate their time and energy to maitaining this site. Hopefully they will put you in touch with us.

"The three of us"

Posted 2003-11-26

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