Occurred: 1977-07-15 21:30:00 Local
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 1.5 minutes
No of observers: 0
Reported: 2003-11-06 18:58:27 Pacific
Posted: 2003-11-08 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

The object hovered over my bedroom window with spinning circular lights

I am ((deleted--thirties)) years old now and presently working at the ((deleted--senior legal position)) in San Francisco. I have never forgotten about what I believe to be a UFO experience that happened a long time ago around the year 1977 when I was about 11 years old. I'm not too sure about the date since I was a young kid. But I figure it had to be between the years 1976-1978 because I was in Elementary School and around 10-12 years old during the time. My family and I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment-housing complex during the time. It was one night about 9:30p.m. My three sisters and I were all sitting in my mom's bedroom in a half circle while we intently listened as my mom read to us a storybook. I was the only one directly facing my mom's bedroom window, which faces an outside courtyard with planted trees and grass near the main street of Valencia and Albion Street. During the reading, I saw what appeared to be a shadow of a large object with spinning rotating lights (red, yellow, blue, green) going around it. (Not to sure about the colors, but it had many different colors) The lights only shown dimly through the window shade and curtains but just strong enough to attract my attention. This object with the rotating lights went pass the window QUICKLY back and forth about 3-4 times totaling about 15 seconds. I wondered what that object with lights could be? After the 4th time when it passed (end of 15 seconds), I remembered calling out to everyone in the room, "Wow, did you guys see that, those colorful light? Apparent no one noticed it except me. And unfortunately, back then when I was a kid (only boy in the family), I was always pulling jokes and teasing my sisters, therefore no one took me serious and went to the window. I must have told them at least 3 times to look at the window, because I seen something strange. But, I guess I told them to LATE, because by the 4th time (end of 15 seconds) when my brain finally registered what was happening to call out "look", the object had made it's final pass from behind the window shade and curtains (I thing it was just hovering/hiding along the back left side of the cement building wall or high above the building roof, I don't know). Anyway, I tried telling my family I seen something, but my mom told me to stop interrupting the reading of the story. No one believed me. At that point I got up and lift the shade and curtains aside and looked out my mom's windows. I saw nothing through the trees but I was sure there was something there. Then I decided to get a better angle view so I quickly ran to my empty and dark bedroom and look out my bedroom window, which is to the right side of my mom's bedroom window. On the left side of the building I saw this round circular object. It was about the size of a car or van but it was completely circular in form. Beneath the bottom of the circular object it had many colored bright lights built all around it. The lights were spinning. The object did not have any sound as it moved and hovered. The technology was unlike anything that we had back then or now. It was the quietest thing I ever seen. There was a large glass window on one side of the craft. This is where it gets unbelievable and really weird. But this is honestly true! I saw only the shadowy outline of three skinny figures inside the craft. It appears as if they were passing their hands over lighted panels or some how using their hands on the front of the craft that appeared to be some kind of lighted control panel to maneuver the craft. I could NOT see their faces or inside the craft clearly because it was too dark inside the craft and the spinning lights obstructed my view. I started to call out to my family once AGAIN but changed my mind, because it looked as if this craft was going to depart and it would probably be gone by the time they got to the window in the next room. Anyhow, I doubted that I could somehow convinced them to at lease get to the window in time before it flew away, they seem more interested at listening to the read! ing of my mom’s story. I was speechlessly staring at the object almost in deep wonderment for about five seconds. At that point, to my surprise, it did not fly away. In fact it flew closer to my bedroom window hovering there. At that point, although being an extremely curious and inquisitive kid, I remembered getting nervous (and it took a lot to make me nervous, I didn’t scare easily as most people- not then and not now). I remembered letting the curtains and shade go and running back toward the room door about eight steps. Then I could see the hovering object lights through the shade and the curtains silently back away from my window at a distance. I could not help but to be so curious, no one will ever believe me I thought. I decided to run back a second time to my window and lift the shade and curtains. The object was still hovering at a distance, but when I came back to the window it flew close to my window a second time. I got frighten and ran away from the window again. The object seems to sense my reaction because it withdrew from the window again at a distance. I was amazed at the QUICK precise speed and exactness it moved between our building (without hitting or smashing the walls) and without making a sound at that close level. Therefore, although feeling a little nervous, I was filled with curiosity, I decided to go back to my empty bedroom window a third time. I looked at the object hovering at a safer distance for about 8 second. At that point, I heard the voices of children in our neighborhood running and playing. Although, it was around 9:30 p.m., I remember children in my poor neighborhood always stayed out playing hide and seek real late at night (especially during the summer months-if I got the month/date correct). Anyway, I think the children in the neighborhood also seen it because I heard one of them yell, "There it is, up there." Then the object begins to slowly depart higher and higher without a sound (it was weird how it did not speed off fast to conceal itself). I think it begin! s to fly toward the east of San Francisco near the freeway near Mission and Fourteen Street. I have never seen anything like that again my entire life. I was thinking, I had a pretty good unique view of the object. Since these objects usually fly in the sky, most people only see them when they have both feet on the ground. I was able to see the object eye level at my window around nine feet away. I was thinking, that is probably the reason why I was able to have a unique view of the figures inside the craft. Anyway, ever since that experience, whenever the subject of UFO comes up I always tell my wife and friends what I experienced. Since they know my characteristics, they know I seen something but they all say they find it very difficult to believe it was a UFO. I don’t blame them, because if I did NOT see it myself I would find it very difficult to believe any one also. But I will tell you one thing, for some strange reason, I wish I could see it again! I have already searched your database to see if anyone else has experienced seeing a similar strange object in the sky around the time of 1976-1978. There is ONE other record in your database, which occurred on 7/15/78. I wonder if it is the same as my experience except either he or I was a little off with the date. Since the person who recorded the event on 7/15/78 was NOT detailed as to the street and area of San Francisco, can you please tell me if the experience in your database that occurred on 7/15/78 match my experience, meaning did it happen near the SAME area as me - the Mission Area, around Valencia and 15th and Albion Street?


Date is approximate. PD

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