Occurred: 1995-07-15 23:30:00 Local
Location: Carthage, IL, USA
Shape: Light
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 1998-03-08 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1999-01-28 00:00:00

Light in the sky that moved unusually and flashed. What I saw lasted approximately 2 minutes and in no way could it have been an aircraft or meteor.

I was at a friend's house in his driveway talking. I was looking at the sky, toward the north, at around 11:30 pm. The sky was very clear and I was looking at a group of stars that seemed to be in the shape of the little dipper, but it was neither the big or little dipper. This grouping of stars was much smaller. Aproximately 1/10 th the size. As I was looking at the stars one seemed to just disappear as if sucked into the darkness. I thought this was funny and Iblinked and kind of shook my head to make sure I wasn't seeing things and when I looked up again the place were the star or so I thought was a star was just darkness. I looked at my friend and said did you see that. He had not seen this so we started to watch the sky in this area. Within a minute of seeing the star or whatever it was disappear we both saw a light flash. The light was kind of an off white color almost like the color of light produce by a house lamp. This light was in the sky next to where the star/UFO was but the light I noticed when it flashed was quick and concentrated, not like glare you may see coming from a light source. About a minute later we saw another flash in the same general area and of the same nature as before. This went on for about 3 minutes. All three flashes were in the same general area according to our location. Then the flashes stopped. My mind at this point didn't know what to really make of it at the time but I kept watching to hopefully see something else to make some sense of it. With in a minute or two we saw a streek in the sky of the same color light as the flashes but the streek was moving in an S-shaped pattern. I drove home that night scared out of my whits and a little excited. There was no aircraft in the area and nothing unusual about the night except for the light. The light was farther away as in out of the atmoshere of the earth or right at the edge of the atmoshere. Up until a few months ago I never really thought much of it other than I couldn't explain it. I was watch a ! documentory on U.F.O.'s and they showed one that took on this S-shaped pattern and one that seemed to become longer and then shorted as it moved. Which if something moved in an S-shaped pattern, if seen from the right angle it would appear get shorter and longer as it moved. I would appreciate a response and if possible some more information on how to get reports of recent sightings around the nation.

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