NUFORC Sighting 3253

Occurred: 1998-02-27 21:00 Local
Reported: 1998-02-27 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 1

Location: Morganton, NC, USA

Shape: light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

Large amount of lights on a mountain about tree top level

Driving home from work, these bright lights caught my attention , on this mountain that was about a mile from where I was, I drive home this way every night and I had never seen any lights on this mt. This was a large amount of lights and at first I thought that they was moving around but after stopping my truck and watched for awhile I summed up that the lights wasn't moving and that they didn't remind me of car lights for as I watched and moved about looking at this that it was just as bright from any spot that I looked at them where as car lights would be going in one stright direction and if you moved to a different angle and looked at them they would look different( not as bright) but no matter where I moved to and looked at them , other than the trees blocking the view, they was just as bright. After about 10 -15 min. watching this I raced home , about 5 miles from this spot , to get my binoculars, I was in my house about 5-10 min.then raced back to where I was watching this, thinking that it would be gone, but it was still there. In the same spot from what I could tell. I found a spot to pull over and from here with the binoculars I could tell , whatever it was that it was about tree top level and from my viewing spot it was behind some trees , so I tried to move to a different area and couldn't find a spot to pull over , so here I am in the middle of the road ( in a good spot now , with a break in the trees where it was at) I couldn't make out what I was seeing other than it was bright and lighting up the top of the mt. and I didn't see anything under the lights , but I didn't get long in this new viewing spot due to another car came up and I had to move and at the same time I noticed that I was a hair away from being out of gas and fearing that if it moved that I would follow and run out of gas and taking a chance of going for gas and coming back. Gas was about 2-3 miles away and you guessed it, When I got back it was gone. Went driving around but didn't see anything else. Came home and called the sheirff's office to see if they had any calls on this and was told no. And tried to sum up what I had seen. The best that I can sum up is that it looked liked something I had seen from a movie (as in "Fire In The Sky") where that object was lighting up the woods. It was light lots of bright flood lights in a large circle and lighting up the whole area. No noise, to me this ruled out a plane or hellicopter, while I was looking at this , it wasn't like looking at headlights, with binoculars you would be able to tell that it was headlights.It wasn't moving from what I could tell , the lights wasn't flickering it was just like it was just hanging there. It was a clear night, you could see stars but then a couple of hours later we had bad fog roll in. I was looking north, but I'm sure I wasn't looking at a star or airplane for this light was on that mountain. I know that that I shouldn't had left but I kept thinking that it would still be there when I got back just to find out that I was watching a new house with alot of flood lights around it but that's not the case cause it was gone when I got back.

Posted 1999-01-28

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