NUFORC UFO Sighting 32184

Occurred: 2003-10-08 19:30 Local
Reported: 2003-10-13 08:25 Pacific
Duration: 30 Min
No of observers: 3

Location: Intervalle, NH, USA

Shape: Changing
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

This information is passed on to the National UFO Reporting Center with permisstion from the observer of this event which was reported to me via e-mail shortly after the event.The name of the observer and others have been removed, all other text remains as received.

************************************************************************************** It was Wednesday night October 8th, around 7:30 pm, when myself and a friend w#2 pulled into my driveway, driving separate vehicles. When we both got out of our trucks, we both immediately looked up to the South West sky and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We immediately ran towards the open fields out back to get a better look and we saw a bright light, bright as a star, moving west to east across the mountain ridgeline with what looked like two aircraft following it.

The light began to move erratically and then disappeared like in a second’s time. The two aircraft, which I can’t really call them jets, continued East bound and then both turned and went up in elevation and began to head north right over us. As me and w#2 were looking at the aircraft coming towards us, we had the most weirdest feeling that something is going on ....verrry strange.

The two aircraft had lights on them and the one to the right had a more common look to it. The aircraft on the left was larger and had more lights of which many were on and different colors. They seemed to be changing position throughout the pass over. As the aircrafts came directly over us, we noticed that first of all, everything was silent and as we watched them the one on the left seemed to have a reddish glow in front of it and it was hard to stay focused on because it appeared to be changing shapes or something. It, to me, had a mutli shape to it something like the Star Trek Enterprise. w#2 said it looked like a shape of a stingray. Just as the aircraft passed by over us at a very slow pace, we noticed that the aircraft on the right had somehow disappeared and the strange looking one on the left, began to change it’s lights and the back of it had two bright lights that began to move in towards each other and then began moving apart and moved apart enough that the shape of the craft seemed to have changed.

We were amazed that we heard absolutely nothing! Not even noises of vehicles or anything. It was very tranquil as if we were in a dream or something. At this point, 7:41 pm, I made a phone call and w#3 was alerted. Me and w#2 then were saying to each other, “I can’t believe this just happened“. Then a moment later, the bright light appeared almost right over us, much closer this time and we held upon to each other’s shirts and watched this light, that was still for a moment, while saying over and over again, “Oh My God, Oh My God,“ The bright object then began to make a few moves and then it began to travel from West to East and simply disappeared. W#3 immediately looked outside and apparently he witnessed the one aircraft and observed that it did not look like a jet, while moments later, he witnessed the bright light travel fast from West to East. He then came down with an instant severe head ache. Myself and w#2 did not experience any type of headache.

While we were looking to the East basically at Mars and the almost full moon, we were just so numb to as what just happened and then we noticed an enormous amount of air traffic in all directions in the sky. We both said, where did all these come from? Then a moment later, while looking back at the moon, a jet comes from the Northeast heading Southwest and left a fat lingering contrail right in the path of the moon. I immediately said, “Now, with all the strange stuff that just happened, what the heck is the reason for that?” Then at around 8pm the skies were back to normal with no air traffic. The entire event lasted maybe about 30 minutes of which me and w#2 both left of our doors to the trucks open out in the driveway and they were both dinging the whole time. Even though it lasted almost thirty minutes, the entire time felt like no more than two minutes.

This event prompted me to write about it to the Conway Daily Sun with contact numbers and email and my letter appeared in Friday’s edition. I have since received approximately 12 phone messages, 8 emails, and 3 actual phone conversations.

Apparently, we had a similar event take place the next night, on Thursday, when apparently the aircraft that was tracking this light or fireball, tried to keep up with it, from which possibly they caused two different sonic booms and many people then, thought something is very wrong.

these are just some of the eyewitness’s without knowing my story One woman called me Friday morning from Effingham and said she was out for a walk and she saw what looked like a fireball or something go screaming by West to East and then moments later two jets heading in the same direction.

I had reports from a man in Woonsocket village in West Ossipee about a sonic boom he heard and then another one shortly after, then as he went outside to look if he could see anything, he didn’t, but he heard jet engines for about two minutes or so.

A women in Edelweiss about a boom that “rocked her house“, she thought “this is it, were going”.

She was told by her association that it was probably a sonic boom that happens occasionally here She did hear other booms about 20 minutes later but they were off in a distance.

I had another man from Madison tell me that he heard just a massive explosion that shook his well built house and all was quiet with no sirens or any sign of an emergency. He didn’t know what happened..

I then had a women who was walking near the high school and said, “she saw two air craft. One had it’s normal flashing lights, and right above it, there was another something flying, had maybe two or three lights and it was maybe a little ways ahead of the plane, it was pretty strange and I wasn’t sure that I was seeing things myself.” A man from Bartlett asked me if it was a light moving against all laws of physics? Another Bartlett man saw the light and looked away for a second or so, and it was gone.

A man from Berlin had a bad dream Wed. night that his house was visited by a UFO and now he is just curious what did happen down in our neck of the woods... He’s never had anything like that happen to him before. He’s not a reporter but he would like to know what went on. He believes that stuff like that can happen .

A women in North Conway saw the event A women from Chatham saw it, but wouldn’t tell me until I told her.

Another women and four other fellow workers in North Conway who witnessed a silvery strange looking thing over the Moat Mountains.

I don't know if this is what u saw but this is what my friend and I saw from The Vista in Inter vale that night and it was probably a little later then 7:30...closer to 9:30 till maybe 10... My friend and I work in retail and we usually go to the Vista after work and talk and relax...We are there quite a bit and have seen some interesting events should I call them in the skies over Bartlett and surrounding areas.......but Wednesday night was totally different.....There seem to be as we were sitting in my friends vehicle that above the mtns straight ahead of us and above was an object that "hovered" for a very long time it flashed colored lights and seemed from the distance that we were seeing it go in a track not in circles but like a square or rectangle. and it would do much like a hover-craft bob up and down but all of a sudden we saw flashes of ground light from behind the mtns or seemed to be anyway. We must have watched that thing for a good 15 min just doing what it was doing and then it began to descend behind the mtns and it dropped quickly and then totally disappeared out range...My friend and I left quite perplexed...because we had never seen anything like that before......not at the Vista anyway...and that leads me to another part of friend and her brother watched something from her window Thursday night...she said she saw a plane a jet and it seemed to be chasing a "light" in the sky far ahead of it...the light would appear and disappear it seemed to be going at a tremendous rate of speed....she said there were two Sonic booms that shook her house and everything in it! And she wanted to know if any one else had reported that BOOM! She lives in Madison,NH........Please email me back I would love to know what u saw...and if she and I witnessed anything like you and yours did? I was so excited to see someone had seen something that I couldn't believe ....... My daughter told me that you have seen things in the sky before and if you say you did you probably did! I have no doubt in my mind of that! Have a great day and keep in touch with me please we could compare notes I am sure.........

A fellow believer, Hi, I saw your letter in the paper regarding strange events in the sky Wednesday evening. Well, what my daughter and I saw was before sunset and it was in the west, northwest sky and not a cloud in the sky except for this very strange, almost looked like a crescent shaped cloud, but it was very odd looking and both my daughter and I were like, What the heck is that? It was driving us nuts. We were on our way to Hannaford's to do some shopping and when we came out it was dark and we could not find the object again.

Although, I think my daughter said she saw it.

Hello, I am sending this email in response to your letter sent in to the Conway Daily Sun. Something....odd seemed to happen last night.

It was around 7:45-8:00, when we heard a large crash that shook the house. It almost seemed the window in the living room was going to fall out of place. We had no idea what happened, so we ran to get flashlights and ran outside.

Immediately we heard a plane, but it seemed closer then usual. We looked up and saw a moving light, we presumed a plane. So we went around the property, looking for whatever happened. You'd think it wouldn't be that big of a deal normally. Except the shockwave was so sudden and intense we both seemed to have a bad feeling about it.

We didn't find anything, but a few strange occurrences happened.

First of all, we live in Madison, and the most air traffic we get is 1 plane a week. Last night we heard, at least, 4 air planes in less then an hour. One of which was like one we had never seen before. It had 2 very rapid flashing lights that flashed from the wing and belly.

Also, one of my our friends also heard the same thing. They seemed to experience the 'Shockwave' that rattled the windows, but nothing else.

Finally, one of our friends that live in Conway experienced nothing, so it seems very 'centralized' to where we are.

We don't think it could be an earthquake, as it felt more like an impact. Not sure if has anything to do with your sighting, but it's too coincidental to ignore. Perhaps they are connected.

If you think there IS some connection, let us know.

Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 of us saw this light was fun to watch see ya around the town


We have spoken with this witness, and he sounds credible to us. We have requested that he have the other witnesses to this event submit independent reports of what it was they saw from their respective vantage reports. PD

Posted 2003-10-15

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