NUFORC Sighting 32065

Occurred: 2003-10-05 18:30 Local
Reported: 2003-10-05 19:46 Pacific
Duration: 20 mins
No of observers: 2

Location: Wapakoneta, OH, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Emitted other objects

Strobing Red-White-Blue lights splitting in the sky.

It was a clear night with the moon shining bright. We were driving in the car in Wapakoneta, OH (The hometown of Neil Armstrong- first man to walk on the moon!) I noticed this light traveling West to East in a downward slope it was a bright light, look bright at a low flying plane of some sort. It was strobing White-Red-slight blue lights then all of a sudden it slowed way down and then we seen it split into 2 small strobing lights. The more we looked at the strobing lights, the more than seem to just simulate a plane. You could definitely tell the difference after awhile. They were more of a fading light. The 2 lights moved opposite direction and then the 2 split again into 4 strobing lights. Moving opposite of each other again. They almost seem to dance in the night sky. If you were to blink at the wrong time, you would have missed them split, it was that fast. All of a sudden, from the north, came some planes that appeared to be headed to that part of the sky. My girlfriend, seen the lights splitting and she stated she seen them split again. There was a few more planes that came in pretty fast with the activity. I don't know if they seen the activity and wondered what was going on, or they were trying to fly by to cover up the unusual activity. One could only imagine! It was definitely an unreal experience and a true UFO phenomena. Anyone else in Ohio seen this type of activity? If so email me at ((e-mail address deleted))

Posted 2003-10-07

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