Occurred: 2003-09-22 20:00 Local
Reported: 2003-09-25 23:35 Pacific
Duration: 30-40 min
No of observers: 3

Location: Booneville, AR, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Emitted other objects, Aircraft nearby

Two orange lights turning off and on opposite each other emitting smaller white lights and a jet like sound each time it turned on.

appeared as bright orange lights rotating over & becoming like two side by side. AT this time we could hear a sound sort of like a jet would make but much deeper in tone. At this point it rotated in a circle while emmiting this sound. Then it came to a stop. When it stoped it would produce smaller brighter white lights that would begin circkling the bigger orange light getting bigger as if it were spiraling outward away from the bigger of the two. This happened several tmes alternating back and forth between two of the bigger orange lights each time lasting approximately 10-15 seconds each time. They would switch back and forth as if toggling a switch with approximately a 10-15 second delay between each display. The smaller white lights kept on flying whilethe bigger orange lights were doing as described. After the smaller lights would make approximately 4-5 circles around the larger lights they would begin fly in differant flight paths some went east to west and others remained in the general area flying in erratic patterns. Some came down closer to the ground appearing to be moving in and out of the trees. The display over all lasted approximately 15-20 minutes and then the bigger orange lights disappeared as quickly as they appeared. The smaller white lights continued to fly around for about another 5-10 minutes before disappearing out of sight 1-3 at a time in no specific order.Me and my two friends who are also my work associates then, thinking we had seen the last of what ever it was that we were watching loaded back up in my car and continued towards Hot Springs on Hwy 23 just outside of Boonville. All three of us being totally bewildered and some what shocked at what we had just seen could not explain to each one of the other what it was with any logical explanation. We had reached Hwy 270 towards HOT Springs just out of Y-City when we decided to take one last look from atop one of the mountains that has a lookout spot that you can pull over at. While me and only one of my friends got out at th! is location the other decided to remain in the car. We were looking around to see if we could see any more of the lights we had previously seen when my friend saw what he thought was another one.We then realized at this time what we were looking at was an airplane.But then we noticed that not to far behind the airplane was one of the smaller white lights that appeared to be following the airplane.After a short period of time approximately 5-7 seconds it then made a 90 degree turn from its current path and made a direct line over the top of us straight into one of the larger orange lights that had appeared while we were watching the smaller light follow the airplane.Then another one of the smaller white lights appeared adjacent to the other and did the same thing making a straight line into the bigger orange light.We then turned away to look for more and didnt see any.We then turned back to look at the one that were present and they had vanished leaving us with the sights and sounds of somthing that was and is totally unexplainable and somewhat unbeleavable even though we know it is true because we all three whitnessed and heard the incident with our very own ears and eyes.This is a memory of an incident that will never ever be forgotten for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

P.S. There were also strange noises heard over cell phone while trying to talk to my wife to tell her what was was happening. Some sort of interfearance or like it was picking up somthing else other than the normal.

Posted 2003-09-28

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