NUFORC Sighting 31409

Occurred: 1998-09-15 18:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-09-11 20:58 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: New York City (Manhattan), NY, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Object zig zagging east to west and stopping in distance turned out to be huge triangle with many lights when it flew directly overhead

I was headed to dinner break with my partner (i was driving) heading downtown on Ninth Avenue around 56th Street when we both noticed a light behaving strangely in the sky. It was just around dusk and must have been in late summer. We took our break at 7:00 pm and were about three miles from our destination in heavy traffic. We were both used to seeing planes and helicopters in the sky as NYC gets a lot of air traffic and the area where we were looking in lower Manhattan was a popular flight path. But this thing was zig zagging in the sky and then coming to a complete stop. It seemed impossible. My partner is a veteran of the armed forces and he and i had never discussed the subject of ufo's. We kept our eye on the object while speculating as to what kind of plane could be capable of that kind of flight and why it would be doing that in what is a heavy air traffic corridor but could come up with nothing. We continued to drive south, in the direction of the object when we saw it change path. While it had been zig zagging from east to west and back again it suddenly started to head north in our direction. We were stopped at the red light and i cannot tell you how but it must have been moving very fast because it just seemed like all of sudden it went from an indistinguishable bright object to a huge triangle with many, many round lights on the bottom of it and it was directly overhead. My partner and i each had our heads out our respective windows just saying 'what the @#&@!% is that thing!?'. There so many lights. There must have been three rows of lights following the shape of the triangle. The lights were completely round, big and gave no glare. We could make out no landing gear, no windows and it made no sound. It was dark silver or gray-silver in color. No one on the street was looking up but this woman in a jeep who was stopped at the light next to us (we were high up in a van) looked up when she saw our expressions and she got the same look we must have had, laughing and yet dumbfou! nded at the same time. The light changed and the object continued north overhead and we went to work and told our supervisor who didn't really believe us. But i swear this really happened. To this day, if you walk on the streets of NYC you will see that New Yorkers just do not look up. I can't explain why neither my partner or i didn't yell at people to look up, but i think we were just too shocked and trying to make sense of what were seeing and then the light changed and it was gone behind us. I think it was huge because we could see it so clearly when it passed over us, yet we hadn't seen it descend and must have been fairly high up. It's hard for me to speculate on this as i have no clue about how to calculate distance and size in the sky.

My partner and i were doing outreach with the homeless at the time this happened. As i said he is a veteran of the army. I have done social work most of my life. We are both New Yorkers.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2003-09-12

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