Occurred: 2003-08-16 16:00 Local
Reported: 2003-09-09 12:00 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

A UFO report that I submitted for August 16, 2003 is not included in the viewable database records on the website. Peter Davenport requested that I re-send my report and have it posted on the 8/16/03 "Three Dark Objects" entry from Houston, Texas. Here is my report: While enjoying a sunny afternoon in our backyard swimming pool in southeast Houston near Pasadena, others and I witnessed up to three unidentified, dark objects for a sustained amount of time.

Our experience started in late afternoon (between 4:00 & 5:00) when our neighbor's 10-year old daughter looked up in a mostly sunny and clear sky to see a dark, round-looking object. My 9-year old son, wife and I also saw the object. It was too far away to determine what it what. At first, I thought it to be a small cluster of balloons set adrift. But I noticed that it was stationary, which would seem unusual for free floating balloons at this altitude. Even after viewing the object with low-powered binoculars, I was unable to determine what it was. With my binoculars, though, I was able to notice that it was not completely round and had a irregular shape to it. Though the object was not moving, it swayed occasionally from side to side to show that portions of its body had a lighter color on it. During our sighting, a small-engined airplane flying at a low altitude of 200-300 feet went across our viewing area of the object. The mysterious object looked like it was far higher than the plane.

After viewing the object being stationary for about ten minutes, it slowly moved across the sky, still unable to determine what it was. Once again, it stopped. Several minutes later, my neighbor's daughter pointed out two other dark objects stationed further away from us. They seemed to show the same characteristics of the first object. The latter two objects appeared to be miles apart from each other and eventually made slow movement toward us and the first object. Into 30 minutes of this usually sighting, the first object once again moved slowly across the sky and stopped. The three objects never got close to each other.

In time, my attention returned to our backyard activities. 45 minutes after seeing the first object I looked up to the skies and could no longer locate the objects.

My wife also has no explanation to what she saw that afternoon with us.

Posted 2003-09-12

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