NUFORC Sighting 30853

Occurred: 1977-06-10 22:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-08-22 18:31 Pacific
Duration: 10min
No of observers: 2

Location: Dekalb, IL, USA

Shape: Other

I was 10 yrs old, it has bothered me since childhood as I am now 35...Please don't think I'm crazy but during the night of (summerish 77') I was with my parents bringing home my sister from college...We were going down a long and what seemed a deserted road...I was looking at the stars when I happened to glance down and saw a lone farm house...about 30yrds or so from it about 50ft hung this object...As I looked at it it showed 6 rectangular lights in formation upon it's front...They would pulse different colors in a pattern I couldn't decern...The shape of the craft was like a hexagon but elongated...It was perfectly symetrycal ...Ok here is where I might sound weird but I swear it's true...While looking at the object I got the distinct impression they knew...(My mind out of nowhere said "We are being observed") as I looked to tell my family which seemed in a trance or something I looked back and as clear as day but in my head I heard "Don't tell them they wouldn't belive you anyway...These thoughts inside my head were not my own and haunt me til this day...I looked to my right up to the stars where I saw I triangle shaped object was reflecting the sun so I assumed it must've been in orbit...I had some time I really can't explain but my next recolection was of both objects being gone and being still on the road...Please help...I don't know how to report this with out sounding crazy. Thank you


Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no personal or contact information. We have a difficult time understanding why someone bothers to request assistance, and then provides no means for a return message. It happens frequently. Date of sighting is an estimate by the witness. PD

Posted 2003-08-28

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