NUFORC UFO Sighting 3071

Occurred: 1995-08-09 02:10 Local
Reported: 1998-01-31 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 min.
No of observers: 1

Location: I-64 (MM 94, westbound), IN, USA

Shape: Triangle

Summary : It was hovering over the westbound lane at the top othe hill. It was foggy at the bottom of the hill and after starting up I saw it and parked onth e shoulder and stood dirrectly under it. It was triangular in shape. 120-150 ' across the back, 100' back to front. It had 4 lights down its belly. Simsilar to a florrecent light but no defined center. Completely silent I don't know if hair standing on end from ship or adrenalin. It just floated off into the fog in the valley. Igot back in my truck and hesded on west.

I was leaving louisville Ky. on I-64 heading into In.. After climing the fist big hill I started noticing a lot activity in the clear sky. It was about 01:45 I noticed what seemed to be landing lights but a very stange shade of white. It's movement seemed odd also because it did not seem to be getting closer fast enough for it's size. It finally turned to the noth and after awhile I for got about it. 20-25 miles latter I caught ashight of the odd lights agiain still dirrectly in front of me. On this part 64 the road is hilly and curvey and I lost sight of it each time I went in the valleys. I came around a left hand curve and started up the hill and when I came out of the fog it was hovering over my lane at the top of the hill. I was almost at the top when I pulled onto the shoulder and jumped out of my semi and stood in the middle of the highway in my socks looking up at a triangular 100' from front to back and 120-150' across the back. It had 4 lights across its belly from front to back like aflorresent bulb but you could not see the center of the light. It seemed to be constant with no breaks on either end or down each side of its slot in the bottom of this ship. The air was completely still with not a sound comming from this craft.I grew up on Air Force base's and have seen and heard just about every thing flowen in our inventory of air craft. I stood ther for 3-5 min. before it just floated off into the valley into the fog. the back of the craft was also triangular in shape. From top to bottom 30'. With twp small lights one on each side like tail lights. No sooner had it dissapeared then two trucks came around the curve and up the hill. Of course after it had left. I got back in my truck and one of them asked me if I needed any help. I can only say they did not see it. On the other side of the hill is tree small truckstops. I did not hear anyone talking on the radio about it so I guess no one ther saw any thing either.

Posted 1998-03-07

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