NUFORC Sighting 2965

Occurred: 1997-11-21 17:00 Local
Reported: 1997-12-08 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10sec or less
No of observers: 2

Location: North Kingstown, RI, USA

Shape: Triangle

Summary : While driving at dusk my daughter and I noticed an airplaine flying up in the sky w/ it's lights on heading in an easternly dirtection to Green Airport. We were driving on route 1 heading north onto route 4 Just as we came to a location on rt.4 near a combination miniture golf/batters cages/golf hitting range that is when we noticed the airplaine w/ it's lights on. In this same are there are no tall trees and the area has a considerable panoramic view. The air plaine was a couple hundred feet in the air, and I had a view of about 100 to 120 degrees. A friend of mine has informed that jet airliners go a maximum speed of about 200-250 mph. I would assume that the airplane was going less than 200 mph if it was heading for a landing at green. No sooner than I had seen this plane I then saw another plane above the 1st, it was 2 time the hight of the 1st it too had its lights on and both had a triangular look to then. BUT as I watched both airplane's the 2nd passed the 1st as if it was standing still. W/ in 5 seconds it was compleatly out of my sight as it to headed easterly direction. I would estimate that the other plane?!?!? was going about 10 time the speed of the 1st. Even my youg daughter mentioned "look at that dad"

I have a back ground in science/natural history. I have seen the jets at the airshows in the summer at Quonsett base at the old sea-bees base. The only time I have ever seen them disappeare that fast, they were close to the ground. I would estimate that both objects were about 1000 feet to 1/2 a mile away. Since it was dusk and dark I could not see much except that both had a grey outline and both had their lights on. dividing my windsheld up into 10 units by the time the 1st airplaine went one unite the second had disappeared. I would basicly estimate that the 2nd object/plane was going 10 times the speed of the 1st. So if the 1st plane was going about 180 to 200 mph then the 2nd"plane/object" was going about 1800 to 2000 mph or more. I have never seen a "plane" dissapear from my field of view like that in my life. I have never seen a ufo in my life but because of the speed that this "plane" was going and that it dissapeared out of my viewing area w/in 5 + seconds I thought I should report this. I do not want to leave my name because I have heard about another person who has witnessed triangular and cigar shaped ufo's here in RI and that this same person who has recorded these ufo's, has since reported them on line. I was also told that since this person reported these sightings several months later but use his own computer. Later I was told that the ufo reporter was literally visited by people in a white lincoln and the 'visitors' were taking pictures of this persons house. These visitors stoped the picture taking only after having their picture taken by the person who made the ufo reporting. I was also told that the visitors inthe white lincoln had no plates on it at all, because they had watched it arrive and leave. In fact on its way in twords this persons house, a cop had stoped the white lincoln and then left the lincoln alone. Depending who these people in the white lincoln are be it "men in black" or "government military personell" I for one do not want my life subject to what ever hell these people put ufo reporters through. All my daughter knows of ufo's is what she saw in the men in black video, I don't want her or myself subjected to anysort of "interogation terror tactics". I asked her about the "fast plane " we saw the previous week and she didn't remember the sighting that we had made at all. Anon. in RI

Posted 1999-01-28

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