NUFORC UFO Sighting 2937

Occurred: 1970-01-01 00:00 Local
Reported: 1997-12-02 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Morrice, MI, USA

Shape: Cigar

Summary : Large and small identical craft hovered at tree top level for several minutes 2- yards from 2 observers in small, rural Michigan community of 500 people.

On a warm, clear, dark and moonless summer night (June, July or August ?), circa 1962, my grand mother and I watched in dumbstruck silence as a 100' long object closely resembling a DC-3/6 fuselage sans wings, a tail or exterior lights, approached and hovered over the rural residential community of Morrice, MI at tree-top level. From a distance of 20 yards, the UFO displayed multiple lighted windows ala a commercial airliner of that era....along entire length of body. After hovering motionless for 1-2 minutes, the tail ramp of craft dropped open in fashion similar to ramps of '60's military cargo planes and subsequent Boeing 727 aircraft. A coverall clad, normal sized human looking "man" walked out on the lowered ramp and physically signaled to the visible pilot of an identical air craft 1/10 the size of the first vessel,that quickly apporached and stopped (hovered) 10 yards aft the larger aircraft. The smaller aircraft entered the rear of the larger "mother" vessel in a! matter of seconds and the ramp door closed behind it, curtailing the yellow incandescent type light emitted from the larger aircraft's interior. After a few moments, the droning RPM's of the unidentified craft increased as it moved off to the west at an estimated speed of 25 MPH, still just above the tree tops. Local TV news the following night (Sunday) reported that UFO's ("Ha!, Ha!) were sighted over Flint and Lansidng the night before. Morrice is located just about half-way between those two larger cities. Both vessels were dark in color, but presumably metalic. At first we could only see the outline of the larger vessel, but as our eyes adjusted and focused, we could the vessel rather well against a dark, cloudless, night sky. The propulsion noise of the large vessel was similar to, yet, different than the sound of two diesel locomotive's whose engines, side by side, non-synchronously vibrating the air. The larger aircraft, again, lacked both wings and a tail, but was roundly "pointed" in the front akin to the shape of a traditional commercial or military aircraft. In fact, at first sight, I thought I was observing a slow moving airliner. The shape of the larger vessel(s) in retrospect, was cigar like. The smaller "scout" or "shuttle" vessel bore a front window large (possibly a clear canopy) enough to evidence a pilots head sillouhetted by background lighting from within the cockpit interior. The shape of that head appeared to be that of what I would consider a normal hum! an being. The smaller craft could not be heard over the propulsion noise of the larger vessel, accounting perhaps for it's unexpected appearance out of the completely dark sky. The beings I observed, looked like ordinary human individuals, the one on the larger craft being approximately 5'8" to 6'0" in height, and again, wearing what I described then at age 12 or 13, coveralls. I would, today, after having served in the military, refer to the same clothing as a jump suit or a flight suit. There was nothing extra terrestrial about this sighting. In fact, the only thing that seemed unusual to me at the time and to this day, was the absence of wings, an air speed too low for even a four place Cesna to stay aloft, the stationary hovering, and the surprising appearance of the second smaller, identical vessel. The event reminded me the recovery of an amphibeous landing craft seen in WWII movies and in photographs. I recently spoke with a retired USAF Colonel, who claimed that "TOP-TOP-SECRET-SECRET" design and testing of aircraft was rumored to be taking place at one or more of the AF bases in Michigan (Wurtsmith, K.A. Sawyer, Kincheloe, Kinross, Selfridge ?) in the nineteen fifties and sixties. Perhaps that is precisely what my grand mother and I observed. I can recall being frightened enough by what I saw, that I didn't walk from the backyard down the driveway to the street where I could have watched the vessel in question fly across two or three hundred more yards of open sky before being obstructed from view by trees and houses. Oddly, I don't recall having a conversation about our shared sighting with my grandmother on that eventful night or the next day. I can clearly remember telling my parents on the following evening upon my return home, about what we saw, and becoming quite excited when the eleven O'clock news backed up my most unusual account.

Posted 1998-06-02

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